My friend who’s reading this, where do you stand?

Are you feeling great?

Are you feeling good?

Are you feeling average?

Are you feeling down?

Are you collapsing?

Whatever your answer is, let me tell you one thing: you should take care of yourself. Please, let me tell you why.

If you’re feeling good or great, you should take of yourselves to maintain this well-being.

If you’re anywhere between average and collapse, you should take care of yourselves to feel better.

But you might need additional reasons to take care of yourselves. You want to take care of yourselves because:

  1. Anyone of us deserves a chance to built the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. You deserve a chance to built the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

2. You want to be ready to face your professional and personal challenges. Life is not easy. If you want to be ready to face the obstacles on your way, you need to be at your highest emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological capacity. To be able to handle the difficult situations life brings on your way.

3. You want to be able to take care of the people you love. When you take care of yourself and you charge your batteries, you have the energy and the patience to take care of the people around you: your kids, your parents, your partner, your friends…

4. You want to improve the quality of your life and that of people around you: the happiest and healthiest version of yourself is also the version of yourself that knows how to take it easy, how to let go. You will have more energy and joy to share with people around you and will improve their lives and yours.

5. You want to honor the life you’ve been given: I love reminding myself that being alive is a privilege and that my health and my balance are my main assets. Nothing can replace or buy them.

There are some situations in life where taking care of yourself is especially important. It’s the case if:

  • You have difficulties setting boundaries with people: I have a lot of friends who are too nice to say no. They’re always here to help, always here to listen to other people’s problems. But the thing when you’re that nice is that you end up neglecting your own needs. And start getting tired of others. But also of yourself. It’s exhausting and unfair. Taking time to acknowledge your needs and fulfill them is essential to bring the balance back into your like.

  • You are under pressure and experience stress, fatigue or anxiety. Some moments in life are challenging. You feel overwhelmed and everything seems so hard. But still, you have to stand up and wake up every morning to face your responsibilities. I know how hard it is. But I also know that small self-care acts can tremendously change your perspective and your mood: taking a footbath, going out for a walk, massaging your scalp, having coffee with a friend…try little things every day, without pressure. Be gentle to yourself and you’ll help yourself go through hard times with more ease than you can imagine.

  • You want to maintain healthy relationships with people. You have a lot of interactions with a lot of people everyday. The healthier you is the version of yourself that doesn’t take things personally. It’s the version of yourself who understands than your colleague who’s being mean, the person in line at the grocery store who’s staring at you angrily, the one honking on their horn…aren’t bad persons. It’s the version of yourself who understands that everybody has bad days, that everybody can go through hard times. If you’re balanced, you can understand and even help. With a smile or a kind word.

  • You are in a transition phase or are facing changing circumstances. Either you’re going through a divorce, are between 2 jobs, moved miles away from home, you need to take care of yourself to be able to handle the situation. Heraclitus one said: change is the only constant in life. This is true. But still, it doesn’t mean change is easy to face. You and I have our habits. We love them. Routine comforts us. When change comes, even if it’s a change you initiated, you need to take care of yourself to be flexible, balanced, psychologically strong to handle it.

  • You have a job that requires you to take care of others: if you work in health, non profit, teaching…or any other job that requires you to helpful, to be a good listener, a calm and comforting presence, then you need to take care of yourself more than anyone else. Taking care of others is especially hard because we’re humans and our moods are not constant. Still, your job requires you to be always caring, always wise, always at your optimal level. Taking care of yourself allows you to maintain this optimal level of well-being necessary to take care of other.

I’ll stop here my friends and before leaving, I have one last question for you, a very important one.

When you were younger, your mom, your dad, your family, your caregivers, took care of you.

Now that you’re a grown up, if you don’t take care of yourself, who’s going to do it?