People in my posts look too good to be true but believe me, they’re real. I might have had a very good karma in a previous life to be surrounded by such greatness. Here is my nuclear family and the main characters of my blogging life:

Hubby is a human rights activist. He thinks the US constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are poems. He loves politics, the media, politics, the media, politics…He travels a lot and I don’t like when he’s away for too long. Hubby is the missing piece of my brain’s puzzle so I need him to be here.

When I started this journey, His Dudeness had a dream life: he was traveling and volunteering around the world: teaching English to ex-drug addicts in Spain, sharing his skate board skills with Brazilian kids in favelas… His Dudeness isn’t sure about what he’s going to do in life yet but he knows one thing for sure: how to make the best puns ever. Now, he’s back home with us, working  until going back to College next year.

Kika is master of subtleties and future UN secretary. When she wants something, she gets it. The smooth but determined way. She loves brunches, listening to music, dancing and French raclette. When she’s not on her phone or her laptop, she likes being in the kitchen talking about life and food.

Duderina is the artist of the family. She loves drawing and writes the most beautiful poems. She reads 20 books a month and lives in a world of her own. If you find a jacket on your hallway floor, a shoe in your fridge and a hand-drawn coupon giving you a free-massage on your night stand, know that Duderina is around.

Duderino is the family mascot. He was born at home, in a warm bath tub so he’s as relaxed as can be. He loves Mike the dog, Mickey Mouse, saying Hi to people in the streets and being the one and only center of attention.

Mike is our neighbor’s dog. He is often around because he is Duderino’s best friend. He loves cookies, going out for walks, and sharing stuffed animals and germs with Duderino.

My office: I go to my neighborhood Starbucks every day to work. I have more colleagues than anyone else in the world, some of them who’ve become my friends. I love the way people come and go, I love the way they meet, ignore each other or argue for a table. I’m sure somebody has already done that but one day, I will create a Starbucks’s blog just to tell these stories.