brunch with friends





3-4 h


Bring something

The picture of this self-care act makes me happy.

My friends Amaria leaning on my shoulder and our smiles telling the joy of sharing a delicious brunch made with love by her dad.

Our kids’ hands and mouths full.

And a table with so many treats that they fill your belly before you try them.

The perfect way to start a Sunday: brunch with friends.

If my smile is so big on the picture, it’s also because this self-care act started about half an hour before arriving at my friends’ place, at this new addiction of mine: Duck Donuts (Read self-care #152) where I stopped to get a box of freshly baked donuts.

Sounds like nothing but you have to imagine the scene.

A Sunday morning.

Me and the little ones arriving at this donut place painted in pastel colors.

The smell of coffee.

A sunshine coming through the windows.

A friendly and knowledgeble cashier listing, with a huge smile, the most delicious flavors to give us advice.

A hot coffee in my hands while we’re waiting for our order.

And two kids fascinated by the baking/decorating process.

I was so excited that I told Duderina: “I’m so happy! It’s too bad I can’t describe the smells, to share them on The Self-Care Journey.”

To which she replied: of course you can! Would you like me to do it for you?

I said yes and here is what she got for me:


Smell comes into your nose and out to heaven.

Cinnamon, various and rich aromas.

Smelling as if they just came out of a dream.

Smelling the efforts put to make them to perfection.

And take you to Lalaland!

This little girl is inspiring, don’t you think so?

A few minutes later, armed with our love treats, we arrived at my friends Amaria’s for the main part of the self-care: brunch with her family.

Let me tell you one thing my friends: the donuts were delicious but no way they could compete with the wonderful things her dad has prepared.

He woke up at 4 AM and silently:

  • Made a delicious tomato and mustard tart
  • Prepared a juicy vegetable quiche
  • Baked a savory apple and pear tart
  • Cut a fresh and sweet watermelon
  • …..

I’m sorry my friends but I have to stop here.

I’m in pain:  getting hungry and nostalgic already.

It’s time for a little self-care break: refill my green tea and talk to a potential future friend at Starbucks to increase the likelyhood of future brunches with friends 🙂 


Amaria, thank you so much for your hospitality and for introducing me to your beautiful family.  We had a blast!


WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Brunch is great! Brunch with family is fantastic. Brunch with friends and family is the best! We never have enough love on Sunday mornings!



I want to share an old habit of mine.

I used to do it in Casablanca, before I was married.

It’s for people who love people and spontaneous plans.

Every Sunday morning, I had brunch with my friends at my place.

Everybody knew that brunch was served all morning long.

There was an open house policy.

No need to register. Bring yourself, friends and something to eat. These were the only rules.

Now that I’m in the US and that my lifestyle is a bit different, I know what I will do in the future, as soon as I settle somewhere:

Have open brunches the first Sunday of each month.

To be able to enjoy them and at the same time, have family time on the other Sundays of the month.

Do you like this idea?

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