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you can spend as much time as you like on this one



Here we are my friends: last Self-Care of the year.

I’m crying.

I was numb when I started writing this post.

Then I saw my self-care acts of the past 365 days.

I saw the ideas I tried.

The posts I wrote.

The cities I went to.

The people I love.

And the moments I shared with them.

My childhood. My present. And everything in between.

My dad. My mom.

My husband. My kids.

My siblings.

My closest relatives.

My friends.

People for whom my heart beats.


I saw me.

My fears, my joy and my hopes.

What hurt and what made me thrive.


I saw my life.

A tiny one.

But a life.

One soul, one smile and one heart.

Caring. Struggling. Growing. Trying. Hoping.

Making it through the years.

Sharing love. Enjoying it.

And making life, this moment as short and unique as a breath, the most precious gift to take care of.


My friends, from my full and open heart, thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Thank you for your ideas. Your time. Your thoughts.

And one last time, love to all.

Take care!


Special thanks to Duderina who was my first assistant all through this journey and who suffered the most from having a way too busy mommy

To Hubby for being always here, loving and helping me through the hard times

To His Dudeness who made me laugh. A lot

To Kika for her gentle and supportive presence

And to Duderino, family mascot, for the good mood and vibes.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Taking time to celebrate an accomplishment before diving into another project is an unconditional ingredient to happiness, like salt to a dish. Never skip this step. Never! Please.


It might take me a few days to process the idea that The Self-Care journey is over.

Yesterday we went to the restaurant with the kids to celebrate (we missed you Kika).

And tonight, I’m going on a date with Hubby.

The next coming days, I’ll try to re-read my post and just enjoy the fact that I was able to make it through this year.

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