watch a sunset





45 minutes



I’ve been wanting to do this self-care for a long time.

I love sunsets. Sunsets are gorgeous and sunsets are easy. You just sit and watch. Nothing else to do.

Plus, I thought it would be a cool self-care idea for the day before the last day of this journey.

Watch a sunset.

The end of a day.

The beginning of a new one.

A cool symbol for my journey.

Its end.

And also the beginning of something new. Exciting.

These are the thoughts I thought watching a sunset would inspire me.

But in real life, that’s not exactly what happened.

In real life, as often, things started to go off tracks as soon as I started.

A little past 4 PM, I climbed up the stairs to go on the roof of our building.

Thing is we don’t have access to our roof from a regular stairway.

The only way to get there is to use the fire escape stairs.

A bit scary when the roof is on the 5th floor.

When I got there, I took me a good 5 minutes to recover from my fear.

Then my fear created an unplanned reaction: I wanted to go to the bathroom.

But I was too scared to go back.

So I stayed there, waiting for the sunset, thinking about one thing: how will I go back home?

Fortunately, a few minutes later, His Dudeness joined. I postponed my fear.

We started exploring the roof, asking questions and making guesses:

Where is this plane up high going? It’s not going anywhere. It’s landing.

Are all the buildings of our street connected to one another? Let’s check. No, actually there are places where there is a hole between them. Scary….

Who smoked pot and left their bag behind? Probably some crazy dudes who were too stone to realize their bag was on the floor.

Did they make it down? Good question.

And who drunk those beers? Even a better question.

What kind of underground life is going on on these roofs? People are funny….

And what are we doing up here? Looking at this gorgeous sun, which turned totally red. Enjoying the day before the last day of the journey.


I realized it afterwards, but yesterday, more than the sunset, I enjoyed hanging out with my son before he leaves for college next year.

Saying silly things and laughing about them.

Running and jumping from building to building with him.

Ultimately finding open staircases on the roof next to ours.

Making it to the ground, safe and happy.

And feeling blessed for sharing such moments with my buddy.

#A cool self-care before the last one of this journey.

Tomorrow then…

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Watching is sunset is a relaxing, inspiring and mind calming activity. Practice alone or with someone you love.


This self-care wasn’t exactly as I expected it to be but it was a really cool moment with my son.

Same things happened to me when I wanted to watch a sunrise.

An adventure that ended up with a surprise that happens every morning: a sun rise.

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