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In self-care act #13, I went to an art museum. I thought that going to an art exhibit would be a pretty similar self-care idea, still I felt that there would be a difference.

I’m glad I did because it wasn’t like it at all.

The main difference wasn’t that I liked art better in one than in the other. The main difference is that yesterday, I was able to talk to the artists featured in the exhibition my friend and neighbor Adrianna had organized.

A very eclectic set of artists were represented but the work of three of them, all photographers, stroke me.

  1. Miss Wish

Miss Wish is the nickname of a British-born woman who had one of the toughest itineraries you can imagine. Raised by social services. Abused. Forced to child pornography. Addicted to drugs. Homeless. The book she was signing –photographs and texts- is a documented collection of letters she wrote to her friend, and pictures that same friend took over 26 years. The deepness of the work and the power of her story left me speechless.

  1. Roni Ben Ari

An Israeli photographer who shared the lives of prostitutes for 2 years in several countries (Turkey, Thailand, Brazil…) was signing her book, “Ladies in waiting”. Through her portraits, she captured the daily lives of prostitutes in the time between two clients. A powerful witness of normal lives in abnormal settings.

  1. Donna Ferrato

A photojournalist, activist engaged against domestic violence, and a woman who spent her life photographing eroticism and sexual experimentation. Yesterday, she was presenting Love & Lust, a collection of pictures of sexual intercourses taken throughout her life, between the 1970 and 2010.


Interacting with the artists, asking them about their motives, the message they want to spread was educational, mind opening and highly inspiring.

It brought me new perspectives and ideas to think about.

The best part of it being that I didn’t have to say it all yesterday.

I took their contact info and I’ll make sure to email them to resume the conversations.

Feeling privileged.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Art exhibitions are not only a good occasion to see art but also a great opportunity to talk to the artists themselves and ask them about their work and its intended purpose.



The exhibition that was featured on the gallery wall, besides my friend’s one, is a very interesting one. It’s called Witness to beauty, and it features the work of Sage Sohier a photographer whose main subject is her mother, an ex-model of the 40’s. The work is about beauty, aging and family relationships. Amazing!

Witness to beauty 

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