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$0 (we got free tickets)

Since she started school in September, Duderina had a least 6 field trips.

With her 4th grade teachers, they’ve been to the light house museum, the apple store, to the Nutcracker….

Every time they go on a field trip, they wear yellow T-shirts to be recognizable, they have cool things to eat, share a lot of fun and discover new places.

She had so many field trips that His Dudeness and I, in a childish reaction, got jealous.

Why don’t we have field trips too?

Since neither of us goes to school, we decided to organize a field trip of our own.

We got ourselves 2 Santa hats to be recognizable, set a date and chose a place to go to: the Empire State Building.

We too would have cool things to eat, share a lot of fun and discover new places.

Plus, for me, it was a cool act of self-care: view the world from above. Change perspective. Witness human being’s genius and greatness, able to build a 102 floor building in less than two years in the early 1930’s.

Find myself at the center of New York, enjoy a 360 degrees view of the city.

Central park. the Hudson river, the Brooklyn bridge, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty…

And end up looking at the binoculars to get more details.

That was the plan.

So His Dudeness and I took the metro.

Less than 40 minutes later, we were in the lobby of the ESB. Grandiose. Decorated with Christmas lights. An overview of the majestic view that was waiting for us.

Getting in the elevator, wearing our Santa hats, happy to the prospect of stopping at the 86th floor to go outside and at the 102nd floor observatory for a highest view.


There is a huge “But”.

It was snowing. Sky was white and we couldn’t see a thing.

And neither His Dudeness nor I had thought about it.

How silly is that?

As silly as being jealous of a 4th grader when she goes on a field trip, don’t you think so?

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? From floor 102nd of a building, the world seems so small, so insignificant that it can allow you to bring perspective in your life. Problems will look tiny.


There are lots of videos of the views from the empire state building but the one that is vintage pictures of the ESB during its construction is breathtaking.

Watch it here.

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