give yourself a break





1 day



Two days ago, a friend messaged me on FB:

“Hey Mimi, almost the end of the challenge. If you were to do it again, would you do it?”

This question came at the right time.

Yesterday was day 358 of the self-care journey. 358 of trying new ideas and blogging about it.

It was a lot of self-care and a lot of work too.

You know the story: “no days off, no sick days, writing every day, trying something new every day”

I replied: “I’d think about it twice. I might have been discouraged if I knew the discipline it required. Now that’s it’s almost over, I’m glad I didn’t know it would be that hard.”

That’s the truth and it can’t be more true now that the journey is almost over.

I go through lots of ups and downs.

Sometimes, I’m so happy about all I’ve done. And I feel like the self-care journey is already over.

Other times, usually in the evening, when I’m tired, when it’s cold and when I’m heading to the coffee shop to write instead of staying home, enjoying the peace of a quiet house, I feel like it will never end.

I’m so discouraged. So tired. I don’t want to write. I don’t want to try a new thing. I just want to be done. And even with Hubby or His Dudeness telling me “hey, you have a few days left” I just can’t put things in perspective and see that a few days is nothing in a 365 journey.

That’s how I felt yesterday.

I read my list of self-care ideas at least 10 times. None of them inspired me. I went to work, tried different ideas: have coffee with my colleagues, give self-care advice to my boss…

None of them convinced me.

I decided to postpone thinking about it.

When the evening came, I went to the coffee shop to write the day-before self-care act.

Again, I wasn’t able to get enthusiastic about a self-care idea for the day.

I decided I’d think about it at home.

Back home, all I wanted was to stay in Hubby’s arms, under my blanket.

That’s what I did and that’s also when I decided that my self-care would be to give myself a break and have a self-care blank day.

Self-care too.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Giving yourself a break, letting yourself be will help you release the pressure you-and other people- put on you. You can be on top pf the game all the time and it feels great to accept it.



Since I’m giving myself a break, I’m not writing anything in this section…

It feels good 🙂

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