take a pottery class





2 h (+ 2 extra hours to get back and forth)



This self-care idea was close to be a total failure.

It started badly.

When I googled it, getting to the pottery studio where the class was held seemed easy. Subway, direct line to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

I didn’t know what the Brooklyn Navy Yard was. And I didn’t know that Google Maps would be unable to take me there.

When I heard the familiar “you have arrived” I knew I was nowhere close to being anywhere. Empty street. No #63.

First call to the pottery studio to guide me. They give me directions. I try to follow them. I can’t. I call again. That’s when they realize I’m at least 8 blocks from the Navy Yard. And where I understand that the Navy yard is a navy yard: an industrial seafront area with gates, docks and empty illuminated buildings.

15 minutes later. I’m there wondering “What am I doing here, alone, in the dark? Was this self-care idea a good one?”

I look around and see a security hut, where a really nice guard guides me.

10 minutes later. I finally arrive.

It’s 6:45.

The industrial building –grey wall, metallic doors- is empty.

In the class, no one but the instructor.

Class is supposed to start at 6:30.

“What kind of ambush is this? This self-care idea doesn’t look like a good idea.

But giving the situation a closer look, the guy looks cool. I relax.

At 7, 4 people arrive, then 2 and 2 others.

The class can start.

We play with the clay, like little kids in kindergarten, Miles Davis music background playing.

I lose track of time. Start by trying to make a hedgehog, then a lady bug and end up making a piggy bank igloo, the only thing I managed to do without trying too hard to model the clay.

Around 9. Class is over.

I’m worrying about my way back home and the rest of my evening.

Where am I and how am I going to get home? And I still have my post to write. It would be a miracle if I’m home before 10:30.

I leave the class precipitately, open the building’s door and find….rain. Obviously, I have no umbrella.

Ok, this self-care idea was definitely not a good one.

I walk fast towards the bus station and cross a shuttle. I wave and the driver stops.

 –   Hey, where is the bus station?

 –   There is no bus at this time.

 –   What? I need to get out of here.

 –   Get in.

And he adds something I don’t really understand.

I try to evaluate the situation. The driver seems nice and there is one passenger. It’s better than staying in the middle of nowhere at night, under the rain.

I get in and think about what I’m going to do once the bus takes me wherever it’s going. Still, I’m happy to be in the shuttle. Secretly hoping my lucks keeps going.

In the midst of my thoughts, the driver stops. I ask:

 –   Where are we? Do you know where the subway is?

 –   Follow these people, he says with a friendly smile.

On the sidewalk, three men walk toward the opposite side of the street: a subway station.

My heart beats. Am I really that lucky tonight? Am I getting little rewards for working hard and keep doing this journey, even when it’s challenging.

Answer is : yes !

There is an F train; direct line to my place.

I’m home at 9:45.

A little past 11 PM, I’m tuck in bed, comfortably reading -my act of the day posted-  thinking I could still be in the street under the rain.

After all, this self-care idea was pretty cool.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?   A pottery class or any art class involvong a creative process is a fun way to relax and express yourself.


Whenever I take a creative class or participate in a creative workshop, I noticed that I enjoy the experience better when I don’t focus on trying to do anything beautiful or particularly creative.

When I try too hard, I focus on the result instead of enjoying the experience.

Yesterday, as usual, I tried to do something that looked good when I realized it was taking me too much energy.

It’s only when I realized it that I enjoyed the music, talked to people around me, played with the clay in my hands, felt its texture and experienced the simple pleasure of being there. 

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