apply Monoi when it’s cold





5-10 minutes


$10 / bottle

I’ve been wanting to do this self-care for a long time.

Apply Monoi on a cold winter day.

Thing is it’s not cold. It’s not even close to being cold.

And I didn’t have Monoi anyways.

Yesterday, I pretended.

I pretended it was cold enough.

And I pretended I had some of this divine smelling oil

Why share it as my self-care then?

Because this Monoi-pretending thing inspired me a great moment with myself.

When I arrived home after work yesterday, no one was there.

Hubby had taken the little ones to the park. His Dudeness was at work and the house was calm.

A rare moment of quietness on my own. What could I use it for?

Why not take a bath and enjoying it in silence?

I lit candles, filled the tub, put a couple drops of peppermint essential oil, lights off.

And just stayed there.

After 5 minutes, I couldn’t stand the heat anymore so I used the humidity, the temperature and the energy I had left to scrub my body with my Moroccan glove

Painful. Time-consuming. But it removed all dead skin.

After that, I was ready to receive my final treatment: my coconut oil disguised in an imaginary Monoi one, leaving my skin silky, shiny and soft.

My friends, I really hope the weather changes and I can finally do this self-care as I wanted to: on a cold day, and be happy that the smell of Monoi, this divine smelling oil, takes me back to summer days.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Monoi is a heavenly-scented super hydrating oil for your face, body, hair and scalp. A great self-care if you miss the summer.


Monoi originates from French Polynesia where women have been using it for centuries for the beauty of their hair and skin. It’s made of petals of gardenias, infused in Coconut oil.


– moisturizes the body

– nourishes the hair

– acts as an anti-aging agent

– prevents hair loss

 – treats scalp irritation, including dandruff or eczema

And last but not least, it has a divine smell and will take you back to summer if you miss it.

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