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As long as it takes



Hubby has this ritual I love.

He always finishes his meal with what he calls “the farewell bite”.

The farewell bite is the last bite of the meal, the best one.

He keeps a few of everything he loves in his plate, combines it into a final bite, looks at his fork with love and savors it, eyes closed, with a murmur of satisfaction.

Not only does he enjoy this farewell bite but he also loves talking about the concept when we’re with friends.

I think it’s a great way to enjoy a meal and life in general.

Savor it ‘til the last minute.

But as much as I love this in him, I realized a few days ago that I have the exact opposite behavior.

When I’m having my last bite, my meal is already over a bite ago.

During the last bite, I’m already on my feet, cleaning up my plate while still chewing, already heading to the sink or going back to my laptop or whatever I was planning to do after the meal.

I don’t think it’s a grateful, smart, healthy way to end a meal. You’re not done with something that you’re already on something else.

I know it’s common trend in our busy lives but it doesn’t mean that I approve it.

So yesterday, I decided to work on changing this.

After one day of trying, there is one thing I know: it won’t be easy.

I had three meals yesterday and I forgot my intention for the three of them.

It hit me only when I was already standing and cleaning.

I forced myself to sit down, bursting with impatience.

Lots of room for progress here.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Breaking a bad habit can (check all that applies) improve your health, increase your productivity, improve the quality of your sleep, raise your mindfulness…


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