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I don’t know exactly how to qualify yesterday’s self-care act.

Donating to Wikipedia is definitely self-care for me.

I use their data base almost daily and I support the idea that the knowledge is accessible to all, for free and run by independent people who are not influenced by any advertising interest.

In case you’re not a Wiki user, Wiki is run through donations. Which means the 300 or so people who work there, their premises, their running costs are all supported by donations.

To remain independent, Wiki doesn’t take advertising.

Once or twice a year – whenever Wiki fundraises- I make sure to donate a little something.

My contribution is nothing compared to the ocean of their expenses but to me, it matters.

So yesterday I donated to wiki as my self-care.

But I did only because I had a busy day, I was tired and still looking for a self-care idea at past 9 PM.

All those in my list involved something earlier in the day or an action that would take too much time for me to perform.

That’s when I remembered an email I got a day earlier from Avaaz, a French NGO that denounces abuses of all kinds through media campaigns. Avaaz was fundraising for a campaign to preserve the earth’s ecosystem.

I thought it would be a great self-care idea: donate to an NGO you trust.

When I went to their website to donate, for some reason, I could commit for a year only. I wasn’t able to make a single donation.

So I abandoned and started looking for another NGO to support.

The first one that came to my mind was Wiki but I have just made my bi-annual donation early November so it didn’t feel honest towards The Self-Care Journey to donate again for the same cause just because it was easy for me.

And then I had a conversation with myself, as I often do. I will spare you its details but its conclusion was the following:

It is true that I just donated to Wiki but:

  • Donating twice never hurt an NGO
  • Choosing a self-care idea because it is a simple one -even if I’ve just done it- is totally, entirely self-care, especially if I’m tired.
  • A problem is nothing but a matter of perspective.
  • Easy is self-care.


WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Donating to an NGO is a way to contribute to the promotion of causes and values you support and want to see grow. A way to help build a world you believe in.


Hey friends, it’s 9PM. I’ve been working all day and I’m tired…

As I’m not super inspired, I’m skipping this section as another part of my self-care of the day.

Easy is self-care.

Love to all.

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