sleep on the couch





One night



I’ve been wanting to do this self-care act for a while now.

Sleep in the sofa bed for a change.

Make myself some pop-corn.

Find a cool thing to watch on Netflix.

And do something I usually hate: sleep on the sofa bed, watching TV.

Watch until I can’t anymore and when I can’t, just close my eyes, turn the TV off and join Morpheus.

I usually hate it because I like being in my bed at night, in clean sheets, read a bit before turning the lights off.

But from time to time it’s cool.

It feels like teenage years, when have less –to no- responsibilities.

When your parents don’t’ like it when you sleep on the sofa but you don’t care.

When you don’t care much about having a good night’s sleep. Or a clean sofa in the living room.

So when I decided to do it yesterday, I was expecting something cool.

But….I’m not sure it was a good choice of self-care act for the day.

Hubby and I were invited to our new friends for dinner.

It was an early dinner and we were back home around 9 PM.

But we had a few glasses of wine.

Then we took the kids to bed.

Then we hang out a bit.

Then we decided to watch a documentary.

Then Hubby went down for a smoke while I was waiting for him on the couch.

When he came back, he took the picture of this post for me.

And I didn’t know it until this morning because I was deeply asleep.

So yes, theoretically, this is a cool self-care act but technically, I didn’t do it.

Next time…

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Sleeping on the couch is a cool way to break your routine and watch your favorite TV show in front of the living room’s TV. Self-Care only if done rarely.


This is a self-care I recommend only if you usually sleep in your bed and want to enjoy a night of freedom.

Otherwise, sleeping on the couch is a pretty unhealthy habit.

To know more about it, read here:

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