have a hot stone massage





50 minutes



 –   What would you do if you had $100 Millions?

 –   Humm…Let me think…Now?

 –   Yeah, let’s say earlier today, the UPS guy who knocked at the door brought an envelope with $100 million for you.

I’m sure all of you already had that kind of conversation at least once in your life.

Yesterday, during the hour following this question, His Dudeness and I kept thinking about what we would do with the money.

We started by giving money to our closest relatives.

Then I bought a house. He got 4.

Then we invited all our friends to Brooklyn.

Then we filled the college funds of all kids we know.

Then we travelled the world.

And gave the rest to a wealth manager to take care of it and allow the assets to grow.

Then it was time for me to leave home for my massage.

I took the bus, presented my voucher at the front desk of the center and entered a small room to get the the first Himalayan salt hot stone massage of my life.

Which by the way the picture illustrates very poorly. The stone I’m holding is not a Himalayan salt stone. It’s a regular black stone. And I’m obvisouly not on the massage table but in the bathroom. I was feeling so great on the table that I didn’t ask for my traditional Self-Care picture.

On my way there, I was thinking about ways to make money. Maybe I should thinka bout and start a new business?

Then, the therapist started massaging me.

It was fantastic.

Oil and pressure on several acupressure points followed by a body rub with the soft Himalayan hot stones.

The question: what would I do with $100 million was soon replaced by other ones:

 –   How long can I stay on a massage table before I’m tired? and will I ever get tired?

 –   How does a 4-hand massage feel?

 –   Who’s the first person on earth who thought about having a massage?

Between each question, long blanks during where I’m forgetting about everything else.

1 hour later, I’m back home.

His Dudeness welcomed me:

 –   So what were we talking about?

 –   Dude, I don’t need $100 million. All I want in life is to get massages.

Self-Care or how your ambition is crushed by a $40 massage.

On important things in life.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Relax, release tensions, enjoy heat on a cold winter day…some of the few physical and psychological benefits of a hot stone massage.


The massage therapist starts with an oil massage all over the back of the body and the hot stones come at the very end when your body is already almost free from tensions.

Here are a few benefits of a hot stone massage:

  1. Helps relieve muscle tension and pain
  2. Reduces stress and anxiety
  3. Promotes sleep

For more benefits, read the following article here:

what are the health benefits of a hot stone massage?

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