stop buying black clothes





Time to decide


$0. It’s just a decision for my future purchases

More than half of my wardrobe is black.

Black is easy. Black is elegant. Black is for all occasions.

Still, black is dark and I’m tired of making it my go-to color by default.

So my self-care yesterday was to decide to stop buying black clothes.

It all started when I realized that His Dudeness’s wardrobe is also almost all black. When it was all blue a few years ago.

I wondered: what factors influence the colors of clothes in one’s wardrobe?

At the time I’m writing this post, I haven’t done any research on the topic but here are my thoughts.


I’ve never seen a kid spontaneously and naturally choose black pants or sweater. When did I buy my first black garment? I can’t remember but probably in my teenage years, to look more like a grown-up.


Big and busy cities are perfect environments for people who wear dark colors. I  see it every day here. Why? I have no clue 


I think people who wear dark colors – black, blue navy – are taken more seriously at work than others. Imagine yourself at a job interview for a big corporation wearing an orange and yellow suit. No way you’d get the job, unless this big corporation’s name is Dior and yours is John Galliano


We wear more colorful clothes during the summer and I’m not sure but I also have the impression that outfits are more colorful in warm countries like Morocco for example.

I have absolutely no evidence to support the above my conclusions but they just make sense to me.

What doesn’t make sense on the other hand is that more than half of my closet is black, that I don’t have a corporate job – hence I’m not expected to have a serious look- that I think red and white are the best colors for a winter jacket when mine are blue or black.

And I also think that now is a good time for a color switch.

And that there are high changes that I go back to black because it’s easier to manage…

Still, I’ll give it a try because this idea feels like a good one.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? This is self-care only if you feel happier when you’re wearing other color or if you’re tired of wearing black as your default color. Otherwise, stick to black or whatever colors makes you happy.


The perception of color is very different from one culture to another.

An interesting article on the topic: Color and culture: similarities and differences

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