walk in the cold





30 minutes



You might think one has to be crazy to think that walking in the cold is self-care.

Sometimes, I think the same when it’s freezing and I see people outside.

But yesterday, I felt this urge to walk after dinner and feel fresh air on my face.

Energizing, vitalizing, invigorating, like a cold shower. Not pleasant all the way through but   exactly what I needed at that time.

Because there are two things I’m incapable of:

  • Stay indoors all day long. Even on a cold Sunday, when I have no obligation to go out, I need to wear my outdoor clothes and go for a walk. Otherwise, I have a depressing evening and troubles sleeping.
  • Stay indoors all day long, especially when the heater is on. Two days ago, the super of our building turned the heaters on and for me, it’s too hot. Nobody complained about it at home but I personally suffocate.

Yesterday I combined those 2 things.

I stayed indoors all day long and the heater was on both at home and at the coffee shop.

To make things worst, I didn’t have the 40-minute walk I usually do when I pick up the kids from school.

I had to take an exam so Hubby took care of it.

Once home, after the exam, I tried a mouth watering recipe (a tortellini and Italian sausage soup).

It was delicious but after 40 minutes of cooking, I felt like I was in the Caribbean.

No way I could stay home for the rest of the evening and get a good night sleep. A walk in the cold was mandatory to restore my psychological and physical balance.

As I was getting ready to go out, Duderina saw me and wanted to join.

It was already 8:30 PM and time for her to go to bed.

Simultaneously, I had these two opposite thoughts:

Oh no! I won’t be able to enjoy a silent walk.

Great! An opportunity to have quality mother and daughter time.

A quick look at her imploring face decided for me.

–   Put your coat on and let’s go!

We opened our building’s door, expecting a cold slap in the face and … nothing came.

On November 8, at 8:30 PM, it wasn’t cold enough to feel cold.

I was a bit disappointed.

I wouldn’t get the full energizing effect of my walk.

But hey, Duderina was with me and she and I could spend some time together.

At the end of the day, walking with this joyful, delightful and beautiful daughter of mine whose conversations are all about magical creatures and fairies is always intensely refreshing.

That’s what I was looking for, isn’t?

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? There are many health benefits to walking in the cold among the, boost your immune system, and help you fight winter depression. If you’re trying to lose weight, it will also help you burn calories



If you want to go for a walk in the cold, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Wear warm clothes, especially to cover the areas of your body that are exposed: hands ears, heads, especially ends
  • Drink: you need to stay hydrate as the cold accelerates dehydration
  • Stay safe and avoid slippery surfaces
  • Keep your hands off your pockets if the floors are slippery
  • Walk slowly and enjoy. That’s another reason to wear appropriate clothes for the weather.

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