bake a cake





30 minutes + cooking time


I had the ingredients when we baked

The baker-in-chief in our family is His Dudeness.

His favorites recipes? Cookies and muffins.

Thing is His Dudeness is not often available.

He always has better things to do than baking.

But last week, I noticed that he was showing an increasing interest in the ingredients we had in our pantry and frigde.

So I bought what was missing for making lemon and poppy seed muffins, one of his signature recipes, just in case he was tempted by a quick baking session.

It did indeed tempt him.

Yesterday, he left his phone to join me in the kitchen.

Duderina heard him and without asking if he was ok, she put her apron to help.

While they were negotiating, I decided to start cutting mushroom for dinner.

She convinced him with her motivation and a great idea she came up: throw a charm in the muffins to bring more fun. So they started baking together.

In the meanwhile, Duderino was -as usual when we’re in the kitchen- playing on the floor.

I watched this picture and felt warmth, comfort, ease.

What a great self-care act!

The only bug here is that technically, I didn’t bake.

I watched my kids bake.

Which, to be honest, was as self-care as baking myself.

And the circle is complete.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Baking, like cooking, is an activity that combines attention, focus and pleasure. The results of a baking session are good for the mind, the palate and the soul.


Yesterday, we tried a new recipe because my cooking books are in a box in a storage room in Maryland. But I wouldn’t recommend the recipe. Muffins were hard.

The original recipe we usually use is from The Scotto sisters, 3 French/Italian sisters born and raised in Algeria in a family where the female figures, especially their mom, used to cook and entertain a lot.

The three of them are journalists and writers who have published several cook books.

I love the book “Secrets de cuisine des soeurs Scotto”. It’s a mix of recipes and anecdotes from their own personal lives.

Unfortunately, it’s not translated to English yet. But it’s a must-have if you can read French.


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