please yourself, not others





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Last Saturday, I bought tickets for the aquarium.

I love the ocean, one of my favorite animation movies is Finding Nemo and going to aquariums is an activity I enjoy very much.

But last Sunday, Hubby wasn’t in the mood for it. Actually, he wasn’t in the mood for anything.

It was a rainy day and he wanted to stay home and have some cool indoor family activity.

I have to confess that I enjoyed our afternoon together watching Angry Birds very much.

This week-end, I wanted to go to the aquarium and enjoy the sunny weather.

But Hubby wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty.

I said “ok, why not”. I was ready to compromise and leave the aquarium for another day if he was able organize quickly the Statue of Liberty outing.

30 minutes later, it’s already noon. Hubby hasn’t started figuring out how to cancel the aquarium tickets, not to talk about getting an idea of how to get to the Statue.

I saw it coming: wasting time trying to see how to get there, then it’s too late for the aquarium, then it’s too late for anything…

Time for a quick move. We’re going to the aquarium. Let’s get everyone ready and get out of here. Statue will be for another day.

30 minutes later, we’re at the aquarium after an almost 100% aerial ride.

Looking at coral reef fishes, sharks, sea lions, penguins, rays, colossal fishes from the Amazonian forest, me and the kids amazed by this beauty.

The aquarium is small so there is still plenty of time for us to hang out in the area.

We get out, walk less than 2 minutes and I see….

The ocean.

Coney Island Beach.


Is it really that close to our house?

God, it’s so beautiful….

I’m traveling back in time, to our California road trip, 6 years ago.

Monterey aquarium, Morro bay, endless pacific beaches, RVing along Highway 1, unorganized road trip, stopping wherever we like, whenever we like, for as much as we like.

Spending time with the kids.

Making fires.


Going to amusement parks. Eating corn-dogs. Flip-flops and shorts.

Sleeping in the forest.

Or on a cliff.

The absolute luxury for me.


At less than 35 minutes from my place, on a regular Sunday, feeling that same freedom and joy.

What kind of spell is this city casting on me?

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? If you’re like me, you often try to please your kids, your partner, your friends when you select an activity. It feels good to make people happy but sometimes, it feels good to make choices based on what YOU like and allow others to please you.


It’s too bad I didn’t make my own video of Coney Island but this one I found one YouTube looks pretty much like what we enjoyed yesterday.


Walking around Coney Island beach & Boardwalk in Brooklyn.

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