take a sound bath





1 h 30



Yesterday, I took the first sound bath meditation of my life.

1:30 minutes of lying in a dark room with about 20 other people in a concentric circle around a sound therapist, Nate.

1:30 minutes listening to weird and de-structured – still harmonious sounds- produced by gongs, cymbals, shamanic drumming, Himalayan singing bowls, chimes, and Nate’s voice.

As usual when I’m trying something new, I  read as little as possible about the experience to keep the surprise a real one.

I brought my layers of clothing, as I do for every meditation: comfy pants, leg warmers, first T-short, second one, cardigan and my huge woolen scarf that is so big I can almost use it as a blanket.

I took the metro to get there. The dark, unknown street scared me a little bit. When you don’t know a neighborhood, it’s always a bit creepy at first in the dark, on a windy day, with an almost full moon.

Then I thought that if it was my fate to die or get assaulted that day, then there was nothing I could do to prevent it. It relaxed me instantaneously.

I’m here talking about yesterday so obviously nothing happened to me. Anyways…

In the room, the setting was cozy.

Super comfy cushions and pillows.

And the sound healing practitioner had a very subtle and soft energy. Warm, almost feminine. I liked him.

We lied on the cushions.

He turned the lights off.

And told us to let ourselves be and welcome any sensation, positive or negative. Stick to our breathing, softly, gently and be here.

Easy. I thought about this woman I spoke to before the class.

 –   Is it your first time? I asked

 –   Yes, and I’m eager to see how it feels like.

 –   Me too, I love trying new things

 –   Yes, especially where they’re passive. 1:30 of lying sound great to me.

The first notes interrupted my thoughts.

I won’t be able to tell you what instruments Nate was playing but I can tell you my impressions.

It’s dark. It’s deep.

I’m in a dense Amazonian forest.

Then I’m at the ocean.

Then I’m in a field with a sky full of stars.

Then I’m in Twin peaks.

Then, I can’t follow my thoughts.

Impossible to catch an idea.

They all fades away as soon as I try to get them.

Faces. Do I know these people?



Am I dreaming?

Are they real?

What was I thinking about again?

 –   “Gently, start moving your toes, and your fingers…”

What? It can’t be….

It’s a mistake. 1:30 is not over already.

He’s going to ask us to change our posture and keep going.

No, my friends, 1:30 was really over.

I still can’t figure how this is possible because it felt like we had just started.

To be more accurate, it felt more like there was no time.

I was floating somewhere were the mind deconstructs what all it has learned: structure, time, coherence.

Great but destabilizing.

Or great because destabilizing? Not sure.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? A sound bath is a meditation practice that will give you the benefits of a traditional meditation: calm, quiet, balance plus the benefits of sounds which waves are known for affecting the human nervous system and decreasing blood pressure. A great way to get into a deep meditative state and heal your body and mind.


The use of sound baths in healing can be traced all the way back to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who used to treat some of his patient’s conditions using sounds.

If you want to know more sound baths, read this article by Nate Martinez, the practioner that lead yesterday’s sessions.

As for any meditation, wear comfy and warm clothes. The deeper you get in the meditation, the lower your body temperature so the colder you get.

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