do finger and hand exercises





10 minutes



You might not be sure what finger/hand fitness is or why you should practice it.

Don’t worry, I was in your position a couple years ago when I went to this kinesitherapy practioner to check on a sciatic nerve pain.

He checked my whole body’s flexibility and found that everything was ok, except my hands.

They lacked flexibility, he said.

He also said that I might develop arthritis when I grow old if I don’t try to improve it by doing hand flexibility exercises.

This frighten me and after it happened, I did something pretty common: I forgot about it.

You might not be in the same health condition as I am but I’m sure you spend a lot of time typing on your laptop, I’m sure you use your hands for a lot and I’m pretty sure, you never exercise to get them healthier.

The thing is that our fingers and hands are like any other part of our body. They need exercise to remain healthy.

Improve flexibility.

Improve your range of motion.

Get stronger.

And more flexible.

That’s why yesterday I practiced this self-care act. 

Now, and I shouldn’t be thinking that, I can forget about it for another couple years.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Exercising your fingers and hands helps you improve your range of motion, your strength and your muscle reflexes.


If you want to know how you can exercise your fingers, what this 11-minute video.

Finger Fitness: be a genius 

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