have a chair massage





3 minutes



I was thinking about having a chair massage for a while now but I wasn’t able to fit one smoothly in my schedule.

First one I wanted to have one was in July with my friend Tony. He was giving massages for the whole month of July in front of the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco.

A perfect self-care combo: a massage + the sounds of the waves + breathing fresh iodine.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it.

Then, this week-end, I wanted to have one in Bethesda. There is a spot at the mall where they give pretty good massages.

Less sexy than a massage in front of the ocean but the guys are good.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get one either.

I was too busy.

But just when you just think it’s not the right time for you to do something, life decides the opposite.

In the case of yesterday, I won’t complain.

I stopped at a rest area between Maryland and New York to have dinner with the kids.

It was 6 PM and I was tired of all this driving.

When I entered in the restaurant, I saw them on my right, 4 massage seats aligned. Calling me.

 –   Pssst Mimi, come here and get a massage!

 –   Wow ! How did you guys get there?

 –   We knew you wanted a massage for a long time. Come here and try us!

 –   How am I gonna do that with the kids?

 –   Well, come closer and look. You’ll figure it out later.

I got closer and then I found a surprise:

Prices are as follow:

$5 = $15 minutes

$1 = 3 minutes

3 minutes! I think I can keep the kids busy for 3 minutes and get my massage!

 –   Deal! I said to the chairs.

It was great and I thought: next time, I’ll take the 15 minutes and Hubby will watch the kids.

And next time after next time, I’ll have my Tony/waves/iodine combo.

Chairs are great but nothing compares to a massage by a human.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? A chair massage is a great power break when you don’t have that much time: short, relaxing and energizing.


Just want to say here that I had this chair massage with an electronic chair.

It was great and I’m really glad I had it but nothing compares to a massage with a real person who can feel your energy and your tensions.

If you have a choice, go Human ! 

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