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Yesterday, I met with my Hungarian-Canadian friend Peter, most commonly referred to as Kovacs (pronounce KO-VATSH).

I met him through a Meetup group he created in the San Francisco Bay Area where he lives.

I loved the name of Peters’ group: Accents are sexy.

I said it all: accents, external signs of an international background and a pioneer mind. People worth meeting. 

Since then, Peter and I have been friends.

He works on tons of projects and has an undefinable job and area of expertise. He describes himself as an entrepreneur, an advisor and a connector.

I love talking to him and sharing my ideas because I know his questions will help me clarify my thoughts, question my convictions and grow faster.

Last time we spoke was on Skype, right after I started The Self-Care Journey. He recommended a lots of readings for me and shared ideas to help me go through the journey.

Yesterday, he was in NYC, for the purpose of a globe trotters’ conference and we met in my neighborhood for coffee.

Again, we talked about our projects.

After a 2-hour break, the two of us went back to our lives with new perspectives and inputs to process.

Sharing ideas and brainstorming with a friend: a great way to move forward and grow.


Next coffee in the Bay Area, Peter?

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Sharing ideas, brainstorming about our projects helps us clarify our thoughts, get different perspectives, and go faster in the accomplishment of our projects. It’s also stimulating. A great way to get a fulfilling life.



For those who are not familiar with the concept, Meetup is a platform where you can find people who share the same interests as yours in your geographical area.

There are Meetups for almost everything: hiking, German speakers, yoga, entrepreneurs, coders, LGBT…

It’s a great way to meet people, engage in conversations, especially when you move to a new area and you don’t have friends or a network yet.

I’ve met really cool people through their site.

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