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When I think about scenic views, I usually have in mind a vista point from where I can see a river, a cliff facing a wild ocean or a forest with endless hills and thousands of trees.

I don’t have in mind a skyline.

Yesterday, I realized for the first time that a skyline is a scenic view.

Especially when you’re in New York, close to the Brooklyn bridge, with your family and friends on a super sunny and warm September fall afternoon, lying on the green grass after a lobster tail sandwich.

I realized it’s an attraction and a self-care act when I saw that the grass was full of people as idle as us.

Napping on the grass or having a Saturday picnic with their friends.

On our left, the statue of liberty.

Closer on our left, a helipad.

On our right the Brooklyn bridge.

Each of them ringing a different bell.

Statue of liberty. Millions of immigrants coming to the US, parked in Ellis Island, waiting for a stamp to open the doors to the free world.

The busy helipad: the final step of a road trip that took Hubby, the kids and I from Washington DC to the Keys in Florida and back up to New York on the 4th of July. A dense crowd gathered in lower Manhattan to see fireworks over the water.

The Brooklyn bridge: happy and sad images. Those of people biking to work on the central area of the bridge as soon as the weather gets better in the spring. And that of walking zombies escaping from Manhattan on September 11.

While you’re thinking about all this, you look around you.

Duderino rolling down a mini-hill, on his side, hiding behind a tree. Duderina telling jokes. Your cousin’s tattoo right on your face and Hubby’s warm arms around you.

Enjoying a scenic view.

And building new memories for new bells to ring.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Enjoying a scenic view –rural or urban- is awing. When it’s in nature, it’s a great reminder of how small we are. When it’s in a city, it reminds us of the great achievements human beings are capable of. Tiny and great: two attributes of the same species.


From Foursquare, a paper with Brooklyn’s 15 best places with scenic views. If you ever visit…

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