move in a way that feels good





20 minutes



My Japanese friend Akane has a very specific trait.

She’s like a cat.

She’s always stretching.

She’s very flexible so she’s need to go really deep in her stretching to feel its effects.

If you look at her randomly, there is a great chance you find her leaning to the right, elbow pointing to the sky, right hand in her back while her left hand is pushing the uplifted elbow deeper to the back.

Or legs wide open, folded, looking at you, face upside down, head touching the floor.

She can have whole conversations with you in these weird postures. She doesn’t care.

While I was feeling a bit odd about it when I first met her, once I got used to it, it looked just fine to me.

Akane was my source of inspiration for yesterday’s self-care.

In Asian cultures, aligning your body, balancing your energy is a daily routine. Qi-qong, Thai chi, daily acupuncture are part of those daily practices.


It’s not about being fit or flexible. It’s about being balanced and aligned.

It makes sense to me even if I don’t it daily.

But Akane didn’t inspire me just for the daily and continuous practice.

She  inspired me because she seems not to care that people might be looking at her while she’s stretching at odd times and places.

So yesterday, while I was walking early in the morning, I stretched and moved in all ways that felt right.

It included stopping in the middle of the sidewalk and deeply stretching to my right, then to my left.

Moving my shoulders and wrists in circles and my arms in big circular movements.

I didn’t look at people looking at me and when I did, I smiled at them and thought:

If Akane can do it, I can do it. 

And it helped me a lot.

What I think now is: if I can do it, you can do it 🙂

Spreadable self-care.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Our bodies are smarter than what we think. They tell us what to do to feel right. Moving in a way that feels good is moving a way that is right.


This self-care is pretty really easy to practice; it’s just free-styly moves. If you want to practice it for the first time, you can:

  • Do it on your own, at your place, not fearing the judgement of others
  • Start by scanning your whole body to release any tension
  • Then balance on your feet a little bit, relaxed.
  • Move gently and follow any intuition you have, any need you feel 
  • Turn off the judge in you
  • If you feel like sticking your tongue out and grinning as part of what feels good , do it
  • The most important thing is to keep the movement going. Don’t stop moving.
  • And don’t put music on, it will distract you from your inner sensations. Listen to your body instead.

Enjoy ! 

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