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$ 9 for the chianti + dinner if you decide to stay more

Yesterday’s self-care was a present from life.

I was tired because I’m still unpacking like crazy and still not getting the results I want.

I still had my post of the day to write and my self-care act to do.

It was almost 7 PM and I had no idea of how I’d manage the whole thing given my fatigue.

Still, we had to have dinner. So Hubby, the kids and I went to this random Italian restaurant in our street.

It looked good.

It smelled good.

And they had oven baked pizzas large enough to feed 2.

We took 2 pizzas, planning on eating quickly. Hubby would then head back home with the kiddos and I’d go to the coffee place to write.

Then a “nice looking” bottle of chianti called me from the bar. I replied:

 –   Hummm, a Special on the wine. Why not have a glass?

But the farsighted Mimi in me replies:

 –   Mimi, you shouldn’t. You still have to work and do your self-care.

 –   You might be right, I’ll feel a bit too relaxed if I take a glass of wine.

 –   Yeah, that’s smarter. Plus, you still have to do your self-care. That’s what you…

The conversation was interrupted by a saxophone.

And when I turned my head, I saw them, hiding behind the counter. 

The three people in the picture. One woman, two men.

One with a bass guitar, the other with a drum and the last one with a saxophone.

Jazz music: perfect for an end-of-the-summer evening with a glass of wine.

That was a sign. An invitation to take it easy and let go.

You haven’t written your self-care?

So what?

You won’t be focused after having wine? So what?

Wouldn’t drinking a nice glass of chianti, clapping along with the music and spending a joyful moment with your Hubby and the kids be super self-care?

And what is this journey is about if not having fun and being good to yourself?


My friends, yesterday was a beautiful and unexpected reminder that self-care is enjoying every little moment in life, intensely and as it comes.

Powerful simple pleasures.

Thank you, Life.

And thank you my friends for following The Self-Care Journey!

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? “There’s nothing to compare to live music, there just isn’t anything.” Gloria Gaynor


Message to my friends: if you want to make me a present, please get me the Rubaaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

As I was trying to find something to share with you in this section, I hit these long time-no-read beautiful quatrains.

Extracts, hoping you will enjoy them as much as I did.

“Dead yesterdays and unborn tomorrows, why fret about it, if today be sweet.”

“Drink wine and look at the moon and think of all the civilizations the moon has seen passing by.”

“Dawn filled the sky with roses. In the cyrstla-clear air the last song of the nightingale dies. The smell of the wine weakens. This is the moment when fools dream of fame! How soft is your hair my beloved!”

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