watch the clouds





20 minutes



This self-care is a fantasy. Yesterday, I wasn’t able to watch clouds. But the sky was gorgeous and I wish I could. 

What I did in real life is totally different. Yesterday, I was an ant.

I’m moving from DC to NYC and I spent the whole day in a 10 x 20 feet storage room with no windows and very little fresh air. To access it, you have to walk through a long and cold corridor with metallic doors and concrete floors.

The furniture of our whole house have been stored there for more than a year and yesterday, we sorted them out.

Because we’re downsizing, we need to get rid of lots of stuff.

All day long, we’ve been piling up things into 4 categories:

  • Things we’re keeping: furniture, some kitchen utensils and paintings.
  • Things we’re keeping in a much smaller storage, just long enough to figure out what to do with them. Probably send them back to Morocco.
  • Things to donate
  • Things to dump

All day long, we’ve been busy like ant in an anthill preparing for a hurricane.

Moving  from one stack to another and then from the room to the truck outside, walking through this endless corridor.

No daylight, 2 movers, Hubby and I loading, piling, sorting out, talking to each other in a repetitive and uninterrupted pattern.

Outside, the rain was falling, at the pace of our moves.

Around 6 PM, after 8 hours of work, we decided to stop.

When I went out, I looked at the sky. I was voiceless. The air was fresh and the clouds bright.

I smiled and wished I had more time to sit and contemplate.

But I had to go back to work again: pay the movers, pick the kids up, have dinner…

Much later in the evening, in our hotel room bed, ready to sleep, I did my self-care of the day: I visualized the sky, the clouds, the fresh air on my skin for a moment. I enjoyed it. And I ended up sleeping with a smile.

Feeling like an ant? Yes, but a privileged one who sleeps in a comfy hotel bed.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Cloud watching is a form of contemplative meditation. It quiets the mind and feeds the soul.


Nature offers plenty of free contemplative activities like cloud watching with mind calming benefits.

Besides the clouds, here are a few other ideas. You can watch:

  • A sunset
  • A sunrise
  • The stars
  • The rain fall
  • The wind in the trees
  • A fire pit
  • The ocean
  • The dust in a ray of light
  • The leaves fall
  • Ants in their anthill

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