exercise in the plane





10 minutes every 2 hours


$ 0 (once you get your ticket)

For this self-care, I thought I’d have the choice between having a long shaking body cry and exercising in the plane. Both of them are self-care.

Crying out all the tears you have is a formidable tension reliever and exercising in the plane helps you get through a long haul flight with minimum physical inconvenience.

Problem is the shaking body cry I was expecting didn’t come.

This year, my new experiement -the denial attitude- worked.

I chose not to say good-bye but rather, “see you later”.

Now it worked so well that I’m scared I have a boomerang effect in a couple days when I realize I’m gone for a year.

But no need to worry for something that doesn’t exist yet. What was real on the other hand was me with the two little ones in a plane for an 8-hour flight, with very little room to move.

So yesterday, every 2 hours, I walked and stretched in the corridor, trying to ease tension on my muscles and joints.

Hardest part? Forget that people in the plane were watching me.

I dealt with this discomfort after a small conversation with myself:

  • Mimi, I don’t feel comfortable stretching in the corridor with people looking at me.
  • It’s fine Mimi. You know, you’re being good to yourself.
  • I know but still, people are looking at me.
  • You’re right, but what? What if people are looking at you? What do you think they’re thinking?
  • I don’t know, that I’m stretching in the corridor.
  • Yes, exactly ! And what are you doing?
  • Well, I’m stretching in the corridor.
  • So what’s the problem then?

This little and simple conversation with myself was very useful.

First, it helped me overcome my discomfort.

Second, it reminded me that discomfort is a feeling that can be taken care of by dissecting it. It’s usually much bigger than its real implications in life.

Exercise in the plane: a physical and educational self-care


Good bye dear friends from Morocco. I’ll miss you a lot. 

And much love to all.


WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Exercising in a long haul flight will help you prevent back pain, muscles spams and blood clots.


If you want to exercise while you’re sitting, here is a 4-minute workout for you.

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