have a family reunion





3 h


My brother and his wife invited us at their place so $0

Look at this picture for 30 seconds and answer the following questions:

  • What is everyone doing?
  • What thoughts does it inspire you?


The above questions are misleading. As you can see all adults –except me- are looking at their phones. 

The first thought that crossed my mind when my cousin forwarded me this pic is that technology has invaded our lives.

We are invited by brother and his wife for lunch and instead of talking to each other, people are looking at their screens.

But when I told His Dudeness about it, he said:

 –   That’s not what you think, mom. We were talking to each other on Whatsapp.

Even worse: they’re together in the same room and messaging…

But that’s not at all what was going on.

Here is the story.

We have a family group on Whatsapp. We message each other, send pics of our kids, jokes etc. Yesterday, my brother-in-law, Wawa wanted to have some fun and sent a message to the family via the group.

It said:

 –   Hey all, how are you?

From the couch, next to him, my sister (his wife) Zaza replied:

 –   At a family reunion. Bored. 

My brother Ali got in the game and replied:

 –   What about you? We miss you guys.

His message was followed by the following ones:

Zaza: Help!

Ali: Food is awful. Stay home!

Zaza: Yup. Awful.

Ali : @houda: Sweetie, I don’t think they’re leaving. Such drags!

Wawa: I love it here!

Zaza: @wawa: wanna stay for dinner?

Ali: @houda: sweetie, get the leftovers from dinner of August 2014. Get also the shabby sheets. I think they’re staying overnight.

Zaza: @wawa sweetie, can you get the blankets from the trunk? We were well inspired to bring them…

And the conversation continues, with pics and crazy comments, while they’re all laughing and looking at their screens.

In the meanwhile, I’m peacefully sleeping, enjoying the comforting, loving atmosphere of a family get together and recovering from Saturdays’ sleepless night.

So tell me, what were your first thoughts when you saw the pic 😀 ?

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Family reunions are rare and precious moments for getting together and having fun. They also allow kids to meet and play with their cousins. Great memories for the future.


I like commercials even if I don’t like shopping. I want to share with you this touching ad by Ikea. It’s called The Other Letter and it features couples whose kids have been asked the following question: what do you want for Christmas?

Their answers are touching and surprising.

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