throw a party





6 h


$ 150 + guests bring a dish and something to drink

Today, I’m sad.

Really sad.

It’s 7:40 AM and I’ve only had something like 2 hours of interrupted sleep. Not more.

After yesterdays’ party, I should be happy but I’m not.

I was with my friends and family. We listened to good music, I danced a lot and I’d been thinking about this party with joy for almost a week.

Three days before it started, I was already dancing. In the car, in my room, in the stores, in the coffee shop, in the streets.

Now it’s over. And I’m crying.

Is it because I regret I couldn’t give as much time and attention as I wanted to each person who was here?

Is it because my dad left early because he was tired and dinner wasn’t ready yet?

Is it because it reminded me that I’m not going to see him for a year?

Or because I saw my siblings and I know I’m going to miss them too?

Or maybe it’s because this summer rental house feels so empty already. In a couple days, I will have to move everything out and everywhere I look, I have memories of great moments.

Or maybe I put too much energy in being excited about the party and now that’s it’s over, I’m feeling empty.

Or because yesterday, I was so busy I forgot to inform my neighbors and I feel guilty about it because the noise bothered them.

Or maybe I’m tired of this Self-Care Journey, of writing every day and never having a day off.

Or is it because my mom is not here anymore and I wont be able to hug her and tell her good bye?

Or because I’m tired of saying good-bye.

Or is it that time is passing by, that memories of past parties pop up and I can’t think about them without thinking that these days are gone and will never come back?

I don’t know and it’s probably a mix of all these reason.

But today, I’m sad.

Really sad.


PS: I’ve written this post in the morning and while I’m posting, It’s 7 PM. Feeling much better. And grateful to have people in my life that I will miss that much. Love you all and thank you so much for coming yesterday.


WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Throwing a party is a perfect moment to dance, releases tensions, have fun and meet with friends and family.


Easiest way to throw a party is to be mentally ready to take it easy.

Very often, we put a lot of time, energy and money in preparing a party, forgetting that the essential part of it is to have fun.

So yesterday, Cool N’ easy was my motto.

To makes things easier for me, I asked my wonderful friends to bring a drink and a dish.

My cousin Rita coordinated the music organization.

And everything else was left in the hands of faith.

An imperfect party is always better than a stressful one, right?

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