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3 stories will tell you everything about my love for Italian food, my favorite cuisine after the Moroccan one.


Story #1: when I had lasagna for the first time in my life

I was 10 and I was with my dad in Paris. I was exceptionally keeping him company on a business trip.

Because he worked all day and left me on my own at the hotel, he also wanted to make it up to me and take me places I liked in the evening.

Nothing could make me happier than taking me to this Italian restaurant down the street where I had lasagna for the first time.

I fell in love with this dish and I couldn’t consider eating something else for my whole stay. So my dad took me every day until the end of our stay.


Story #2: When the cook came up the stairs to see who was eating that much

One day, during a short episode of my life where I was a student in Paris, one of my dad’s friend took me to an Italian restaurant for dinner.

It was the first time I had pasta with fruiti di mare. And it was also the first time that a cook came up the stairs, intrigued, to see who was eating that much at a table.

I liked his food so much that when dessert time came, I couldn’t decide what to take and I innocently asked: can I have a little bit of everything?

No shame in food.


Story #3: When Hubby and I couldn’t eat for 2 days after 10 days in Southern Italy

I was pregnant with Duderina and Hubby, my dad and I went on a road trip to Southern Italy.

At each stop, we met with friends and were invited places. This was the best gastronomic trip of my life. I’ve never had such delicious meals in a so little time.

Italians are like Moroccans: they keep serving you food until you can’t eat anymore. If you still can eat, it means they haven’t been great hosts.

Antipasti, primi piatti, secondi piatyi. contorni, desserts….

Hubby and I ate so much that at the end of our stay, we couldn’t eat for the last 2 days. We were simply full.


Nothing like this happened to us yesterday but as usual when Italy is involved, I ate more than I should possibly do.

I was encouraged by the two foodies I was with: my brother Mehdi and His Dudeness.

Pizza Margarita, fruiti di mare pasta, Osso Bucco with penne, ravioli with meat and parmesan, mango, lemon and strawberry sorbets, chocolate fondant with orange ice cream and Panacotta with raspberry sauce.

Mamma mia ! I gotta stop writing. I’m getting hungry again.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? A pleasant moment with people you love around food you love…very few things are more self-care than that to me.


I want to share this really basic pasta recipe, which is also one of my favorites.

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (Pasta with garlic and olive oil)


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