use a small basket to shop





Same as using a cart


Same as using a cart

Between September 2016 and June 2017, Hubby, our 2 little ones and I lived in an AirBnB.

What started as a short term rental turned into a whole- year adventure.

We’ve learnt a lot about what’s important in our lives and what our real needs are.

There is a lot I want to share about it but today, let me tell you about my experience regarding food.

It started with the smaller fridge I had in my entire life.

I was used to double doors fridge/freezer combos, able to make ice and distribute it, with different temperatures for each compartment. Fridges that could store food for a one-month siege. Fridges so sophisticated they could almost be able to give us our family horoscope for the next 10 years.

Besides having the capacity to store more than we could possibly eat, those fridges also had the magical property to make leftover boxes invisible.

Once they were stored in their Tupperware, meals progressively moved from the front of the shelves to their back.

Where they remained unseen by me and all the inhabitants of the house until they reached an advanced decomposition stage.

Unfit even for compost.

But last year, in our AirBnB fridge, we couldn’t store a thing. 

This little detail, a smaller fridge, totally changed my grocery shopping:

I started to check everything that was in the fridge before going to the store.

I started making menus and buying only what was missing.

I started systematically cooking all I had before going to the store.

I stopped buying impulsively because I knew I couldn’t store it.

A s a consequence, I spared 3 essential resources in my everyday life:

  • Time. Even if I went more often to the store, I spent less time shopping.
  • Energy, because I spent less time shopping.
  • Money, because I bought less.

That’s exactly what I did yesterday with my cousin Rita: check the fridge, go to the store, get strictly what we needed and head to the coffee shop to hang out with her.

More time + more energy + more money = more room for fun = more self-care.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Using a small basket to shop will help you reduce food waste, decrease your budget, spend less time at the grocery store and help the planet by producing less waste.


Dear friends, here are other ways to practice this self-care act:

  • Put a limited amount of cash on your wallet and use it to shop
  • Use a hand portable basket, no wheels, to buy only what you can carry,
  • Walk to the grocery store. If you walk you will know that you have to carry your shopping back home
  • Get a small fridge: the smaller your fridge, the less you can store, the less you can buy
  • Never shop when you’re hungry
  • Make your menu list of the week in advance and stick to the list (see self-care act#…)
  • Always give a very close look at your fridge before shopping and get what you need based on that. Do not improvise in store. If you do, elaborate menus in the store and get only what you need to prepare them.

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