take a 2-minute feel good break





2 minutes but you might end up watching for 30



What do you do when you:

  • Have spend 2 days in the hospital taking care of your little baby who was sick
  • Have been released but feel fear now that you’re in a safe zone
  • Had a fight with your partner for a stupid thing you can’t remember
  • Had a fantastic couscous for dinner but were too stressed to enjoy it
  • Get back to an empty house with a baby who doesn’t want to sleep because the corticoids get his excitation level to its highest
  • Think you should be grateful because you know you’ve been lucky
  • Want to be good to yourself and get out of this dark grey zone?

I have an answer to this question because I’ve tried it yesterday and it worked. You:

  • Open your “self-care ideas” Word document on your desktop,
  • Scan it, looking for an efficient act to be good to yourself,
  • Find it and it’s called “watch a feel-good movie excerpt or a feel-good documentary”
  • Don’t have time to watch a documentary but definitely have a mythical movie scene you want to watch.

It’s an extract of the French movie: Les Intouchables (the untouchables) and you can’t watch it without first smiling, then laughing, before ending up dancing.

If you’ve watched this movie, you probably know what I’m talking about: it’s when actor Omar Sy dances on Earth, Wind and Fire for the birthday of the paraplegic aristocratic employer he’s taking care of.

It’s moving. It’s intense. It’s happy. It takes only 2 minutes and you don’t have to understand French to enjoy it.

When I finished it, I watched Pulp Fiction’s-as-mythical dance scene and many many others.

Self-care of the day: take 2 minutes for a feel-good break and end up laughing for 30, watching one video after the other in front of your screen.


WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Taking a 2-minute feel good break gives you the click you need for things to fall into place and good mood to come back in your day. It might seem short but try it and see what happens.


Here are 2 short feel good breaks I want to share with you today.

I’m pretty sure you’ve watched at least one of them but they both can be watched over and over.

Les Intouchables’s Dance scene on Earth, Wind and Fire.

Pulp fiction’s dance scene.

I’m happy to share these great moments with you! Enjoy, my friends! 

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