sleep outdoors





One night




I’m writing my post of the day.

At that same time yesterday, I was on the roof of our countryside house.

In my sleeping bag, over a comfy yet thin mattress for a night under the stars.

I was with Aicha, a countryside girl who now lives in the city.

The moon was one day past full.

And the wooded hills were bright.

You could see everything.

Our neighbors’ dog running after a hare.

Pine and oak trees all around.

Every detail of every mud house.

You could hear everything.

Our dog barking. All neighbors’ dogs replying.

3 shots from hunting rifles in the forest.

Our neighbor waking up and talking out loud to his wife.

And through the night, the landscape and the sounds changed.

The night got darker and the wind stopped blowing as high.

Animals got quieter. No more dog barking, no more donkey.

Limits between dream and reality got thinner.

Is this hill a hill or a patchwork blanket?

Is this crack a scorpion or a fruit of my fertile imagination?

Is the morning coming or am I dreaming of white clouds filling the sky?

Unanswered questions.

Sleep. Awakening. Sleep. Awakening. Weird dreams.

And when the sun rises, a delicious, fresh, spicy and summery fragrance fills my nostrils.

The smell of the fields, of wheat, of an awakening nature and a promising peaceful day.

Time for an interrupted sleep now.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Sleeping outdoors can help you regulate your internal clock. Plus it’s great if you want to reconnect with nature and relief stress from the city.


A few tips if you want to sleep outside:

  • Always bring extra sweaters, preferably a hoodie to keep your face warm. Temperature drops at night and your body temperature will drops as well so you need an extra layer to warm you up. Don’t forget the socks
  • Make sure you’re in an area that is not accessible to venomous animals, mainly scorpions and snakes.
  • If there are mosquitos, forget the idea of sleeping outdoors. The fight is unequal: you always lose with mosquitos
  • Make sure to know where your shoes are and locate a spot where you can relief yourself before going to sleep. You might wake up in the middle of the night and look for both
  • Make sure you have a light with you
  • Pick the right spot: under the shadow, where the sun will not hit you in the face when you wake up

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