have a family movie night





2 h


$30 or $40 for the pizzas

I’m in the countryside and I’ve skipped writing my post yesterday.

This place is so far from my everyday life that my priorities aren’t the same as usual.

Here, no running water, no asphalted road. Only water tanks, donkeys and solar panels to provide the minimum energy.

Between here and Casablanca, the geographical distance, the lifestyle distance is so big that even my most important project of the moment, The Self-Care Journey seems far.

Like the memory of something that happened in my past.

From that perspective, skipping my post of the day wasn’t a big deal.

Because it’s not a big deal in real life.

What’s a bit deal is the nature of my acts: centering and important moments to create safe and happy spaces for me and the people I love.

Safe and happy spaces like this self-care.

Having a family movie night became an institution when His Highness was a little kid.

Which also coincided with the times when studios like Pixar and Dreamworks started making their incredible animated movies.

Since that days, our ritual is unchanged.

We gather at my place and do the following:

My cousin Driss is in charge of getting and installing the image and sound.

My cousin Rita is usually in charge of making pop-corn. Some caramelized and others salted to suit all tastes. She wasn’t here last night but we thought about her while eating them.

We order pizzas and sodas. Preferably pretty unhealthy stuff, with crusts filled with melted cheese.

We select a movie in advance, otherwise, we can spend hours trying to find a movie everybody agrees on.

We also choose the setting in advance. It’s always at my place. But because I’ve been moving a lot lately, we always have to find a new and convenient spot to host the night. Last night -you can’t see it from the picture- it was outdoors.

We start the movie, and like birds, huddled together, watch.

On my side, my program is always the same: I eat the pizza and drink my soda. I have some pop-corn and 30 minutes maximum after the film starts, I fall asleep.

Belly full, lulled by the sound of the movie, warmed up by the focused faces of my kids brightened by the screen.

Feeling happy and safe among my people.


WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Family movie night is about watching a movie which your kids, your cousins, your siblings and whoever wants to join. It’s about sharing fun time together. And building family memories for all.


We usually watch animated movies but last night, we watched a beautiful documentary with amazing images of Morocco.

The reading is in French but you don’t really need the text to enjoy its beauty.

It’s called Morocco from above and you can watch it here.

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