nap in a hammock





20-30 minutes


Zero but you need a hammock

Between yesterday and the day before, I think I’ve spoken to more than 50 people.

I have this impression that I was in a bubble bath but instead of bubbles, the bath was filled with people.

Bubbles and bubbles of people, foaming, talking, laughing, sharing stories and jokes. Exploding. Forming. Exploding again.

That’s one of the reasons I love Morocco.

I’m always with family and friends.

There is always someone to give you a last minute call and invite you to a pool party with 15 other people.

There is always someone you can call to crash their place if you feel like it.

And there is always someone to come and crash your place if they feel like it.

Which means that since I’ve been here, 2 months now, I don’t think I’ve ever had a day for myself.

It is good and I won’t complain about it.


Sometimes, I’m a bit tired and I need to regenerate.

That’s what I did yesterday in the middle of an afternoon pool party at my friends Lily and Nabil.

Their place is the best place to take a break.

Because Lily and Nabil own and live in the most beautiful yoga studio in town.

Filled with light and with an inviting bright pool outside.

Last summer, I relocated my office in their studio and worked from there every day.

This year, I haven’t been as smart.

Still yesterday, I made a smart move.

While our friends were eating, talking, swimming around the pool, I took an after lunch break and went to their aerial yoga room where I put myself in a hammock and completed my digestion process.

My discovery: best way to help your stomach digest is to gently and lazily lull it.

After that, you can resume your day, go back to your friends and be ready for an evening with other friends.

#regenerating nap

Thanks Lily and Nabs for a heartwarming afternoon <3


PS: any hammock works for this self-care. Actually, I’m pretty sure an outdoor hammock works best than an indoors one. With shadows from the trees, sunrays slipping between the leaves and wind on your toes.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Sleeping in a hammock is one of the healthiest ways to sleep. When you’re lying in a hammock, your body is being supported without pressure, in a way that feels right and good.


If you want to know more on the benefits of sleeping a hammock, check out this blog with multiple articles related to hammock sleeping.

Why sleeping in a hammock is good for you.

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