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30 minutes



Three people lulled my evenings and my childhood with their tales.

Driss, my dad.

Tatemma, my nanny and second mom.

And Gerard Philippe, a French famous actor.

The first one, my dad, always loved science-fiction. For my brother and I, he invented the stories of Prince Orlando and Princess Miranda, a husband and wife lost in space, trying to get back to earth.

Every night, my dad would sit on my bed and tell us the adventures of the couple, traveling in their intergalactic ship, while I was staring at the green, yellow and white flowers on my rooms’ wallpaper visualizing their voyages among the stars. It was all about exploration, discovery and fantastic worlds in which anything can happen.

The second, Tatemma, told me stories of ogres married to witches who cooked lice on hot pans. Of children abandoned in the woods by their parents and who ended up in the ogres’ house. Of smart big sisters like me caring for their siblings and saving them from the Evil by climbing on rocks and saying incantations that made the rocks pile and pile and pile until the kids were out of reach of the ogre. Stories of goats trying to hide their babies while the wolf was knocking at the door. Of cats, snakes and donkeys. Unbelievable mystical tales in which animals talked, trees had spirits and the Good was always around the corner.

The third one, a vinyl disc, a recording by Gerard Philippe of one of my favorite books of all times: The Little Prince. “S’il vous plaît, dessine-moi un mouton” “Please, draw me a sheep” said the warm, low and comforting voice of the reader. A modern philosophical tale featuring the encounter of a little boy with an aviator and their unexpected friendship in the Sahara Desert.

My love for tales and stories probably comes from there.

I always feel home, warm and safe when I listen to them.

By sharing this moment with my kids yesterday, I did a double self-care act:

  • I went back to that innocent and comforting times,
  • I helped my kids create a safe space in their mind, a quiet mental place in which they can go back to when they grow up.

Just like I do.


WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Listening to a tale is a fantastic way to excite your imagination and bring magic and philosophy into our lives. Highly self-care and relaxing for me, especially when I share it with the kids, lights off.


If you speak French, please take 30 minutes and listen to the wonderful version of The Little Prince narrated by Gerard Philippe.

Otherwise, here is a trailer of the animated movie in English: it’s great too.

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