vote for song of the summer





30 minutes (if you includes the dances)



This self-care act is a family tradition: every summer, one song dominates all others and becomes our anthem for the season.

The selection criteria are the following:

  • The song has to be happy
  • It has to be catchy
  • Its chorus must be easy to memorize by all, kids included
  • Its lyrics can be basic, meaningless or incomprehensible as long as the above criteria are filled.

The chosen song becomes Song of the Summer because we listen to it:

  • On our way to the beach
  • During all family reunions
  • During idle afternoons with cake and tea
  • In the car each time we’re in it

Usually, the summer songs comes naturally and imposes itself. But last year, we disagreed on the winner; which created a serious family situation. We listened to one song in particular pretty often and I elected it as song of the summer.

But other family members whose names I won’t reveal contested this choice. As often in conflictual situation, the protestors criticized the dominant choice without offering an alternative solution. And if you have the impression that I’m cowardly settlings my accounts on this blog, well, you’re right 😉

But this year, to avoid this conflictual situation, we decided to hold a family vote to elect the song of the summer.

Participants: My sister and her Hubby, their 2 kids, my cousin Driss (family DJ), my aunt Amina, Hubby, Kika, Duderina, Duderino and I.

Our measurement instrument: an applause meter app

The finalist songs:

  • Despacito by Luis Fonsi
  • Chocolat by L’artiste

Which one do you think won?

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Voting for the song of the summer is a family tradition that becomes a more and more powerful self-care act as the years go by. After being elected, song of the summer becomes the symbol of sunny and happy summer times. Listening to it during the winter brings immediate joy and warmth to the whole family.


Our finalist songs this year were :

Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Chocolat by L’Artiste

Little extra note: we have a world record here because this week, Despacito became the most viewed video of all times on Youtube.

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