walk on the beach





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It starts with a sunny breakfast on a terrace.

You’re experimenting this Moroccan proverb live: when the belly is full, the head sings.

You’re happy then, walking and looking at some cool stuff to do in this gorgeous, ancient and coastal city of Essaouira.

You walk towards the ocean.

Once there, you sit on a stone wall to watch it.

On the sand, there are strange sea creatures. They’re black and looking like huge worms.

You’re intrigued but your hubby and your kids are more curious than you are.

They leave the wall you’re sitting on, go down huge rocks and jump on the sand.

They take pictures and videos and leave the animals behind.

While they’re getting far from you, the ocean starts calling you.

You jump and follow them.

You reach the ocean and again, your kids are much more playful than you are. They put their feet in the water, splashing each other.

Duderino takes his pants off.

Reflex: you yell “No!”

And then you realize it’s just water and you have extra clothes to change him.

You let him run and fall and roll and you actually want to do the same.

But the water is cold so you just dance on the shore.

The beach is huge, a 3 miles bay.

You feel free. Your eyes look far, far away and stop on sand dunes.

They’re high, light yellow, almost white. Their tops are covered with bushes.

They’re calling you too.

Why don’t we drive there, Love? Your Hubby is relaxed. He looks at you and smiles: yes, why not?

The kids don’t want to leave but they’re excited to see the dunes.

You drive towards them and while you’re almost there, another road calls you.

You take it and drive aimlessly, staring around at the Argan trees and the beautiful desert landscapes.

On your right, a sandy track.

It says: “Come here, Mimi”.

You turn and take it.

You drive a little bit and you pass a small village where the 2 central coffee places are called Jimmy Hendrix. The legend says he lived there when he was in Essaouria in the late 60’s.

You keep driving.

You cross a bridge.

On your right, horses.

Duderino’s favorite animal.

You stop.

Caress and feed the animals.

The equestrian club abuts a waterless river.

Palm trees, Argan trees, dark green bushes, birds, sand. Goats.

You imagine this place at night.

With its bright stars and intense deep and dark sky.

You can see the shooting stars and feel this spicy, piney characteristic smell of semi-desert areas at night.

You want to stay here.

You can’t because you’re leaving tomorrow but you think: next time I travel, I’m going inlands.


Walk on the shore or how a ballad on the beach can turn into an exploratory mission and inspire future self-care plans if you just go with the flow.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Walking on the beach tones your muscles, exfoliates your skin and improves your blood flow.   Walk barefoot to get the most benefits out of it (and read self-care act# 133, to know more about the benefits of walking barefoot.)


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