eat the ocean





1 h


$10 for 18 oysters

A couple minutes ago, I was talking to my brother Ali on the phone.

Before we hung up, I asked him:

   –   If I say “Oyster”, what are the 3 words that come to your mind?

   –   What’s that question about?

   –   It’s for my self-care post.

   –   Ok, 3 words for oysters: ocean, appetite, sharing.

My friends, Ali gave me a perfect summary for what I did yesterday.

I ate the ocean with appetite and shared this moment with Hubby.

It was less than a day ago but I’m already nostalgic.

But I know I shouldn’t be nostalgic.

Nostalgia is for when you’re having a great time, for when these times are gone and when you know they will never come back anymore.

But it’s also about not realizing that the present is tomorrow’s nostalgia.

I think I need to be a bit more clear here.

Please, look at this posts’ picture and come back to the sentence below.

I have a picture at that same spot. It was taken 10 years ago.

I was pregnant with Duderina and I didn’t know about it yet.

I realized it when Hubby shot the picture yesterday.

I got a bit nostalgic.

I was younger.

The kids were younger.

I used to live in Morocco.

Life was so different and seemed so easy.


Thinking about this idea I realized that 10 years from now, if everything goes fine, I’m pretty sure I’ll say the same thing looking at yesterday’s picture with my oysters:

I was younger.

The kids were younger

I used to live in the US.

Life was so different and seemed so easy.


My friends, realizing this is a fantastic chance: it makes me fully aware that nostalgia of tomorrow is about what I’m living now.

And it makes me fully aware that the best thing to enjoy the moment is to know that years from now, I’ll be nostalgic about it.

Eating the ocean? A useful and tasteful reminder for the essential things.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Besides being delicious oysters are low in fat and a great source of protein. Plus, they are full of vitamins A, E, C, zinc, iron and calcium.


There are two major spots for oyster-farming in Morocco: Oualidia and Dakhla.

Both cities have gorgeous lagoons.

People who love oysters from Oualidia or Dakhla are usually like supporters of the Yankees and the Mets or the FC Barcelona and the Real Madrid. You like either one or the other.

My favorite? Dakhla 🙂 To me, they taste much much more like the ocean. And at the same time, they’re as sweet as candies.

But Dakhla is way too far from Casablanca. So Oualidia’s oysters are just great when you can’t make it that far South.

I guess I’d be a pretty poor baseball/soccer supporter if I’m ready to switch as easily as I did 🙂

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