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Yesterday, 6:45 AM.

My sister delicately puts her hand on my right side to wake me up.

During the following 15 minutes and until I was in the car, buckled up, I mentally abandoned the idea of going for a walk more than 20 times.

 – I want to sleep.

 – I stayed up late yesterday. I HAVE to sleep.

 – I still have time in Morocco. I can skip today’s walk and join my sister’s group another day.

 – I should sleep a couple more hours, wake up and go for a run later in the day.


Inside me, despite all this, I knew no reason was good enough to skip joining my sisters’ walkers club.

That’s one of the cool things of having more experience in life: you know what you’ll never regret. And you know, you’ll never ever regret waking up to workout. Actually, it’s rather the opposite.

Every time I woke up early morning to workout, it gave a fantastic start to my day: punch, energy and the sensation that I’ve accomplished so many things already.

The numerous times I woke up at 5:45 to go to a hot yoga class. That special day when the heater was broken and instead of taking the class in a hot room, we went to the beach and closed the class by a swim.

The days my brother and I, living in the same building, used to wake up at dawn and run before having breakfast and going to our office together.

That’s what really motivated me yesterday.

That and the memory of a phone call with my sister while I was still in the US.

I was listening to her with envy:

   –   This morning, I woke up and went for a walk at the beach with my group, then I took a yoga class and now I’m having breakfast. Having a fresh squeezed orange juice, bread, honey and olive oil.

That day, I was ready to give a lot to share that moment with her.

So yesterday, I stood up and followed my sister.

I’m glad I did because I worked out but I also joined an amazing group.

At Casablanca’s beach front, 7:30, all women were there. With giant smiles and a formidable morning vitality. Impressive for that time of day. I felt like a marshmallow. But the group had so much energy and strength to share that I was back on my feet in less than 5 minutes.

Best part of the walk: on our way back, when we walked on the beach, nose in the breeze, feeling the fresh ocean air. With a reviving mist right in the face.

I removed my shoes and barefoot, let the waves lick my ankles and toes.

Feeling like a happy sea urchin.



Thank you so much for a warm welcome. I hope I can join for other sessions 🙂 Zineb and Zaza, you’ve created a fantastic group.  



WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Joining a walkers’ or a runners’ group is a great way to get motivation to workout. You are less likely to miss a session if you have walking/running mates than on your own.



There are many benefits to walking near an ocean in the early morning.

  • You’re able to smell iodine, a necessary element that assist the thyroid gland in hormone productions and regulate your metabolic rate which improves your sleep and food cycles.
  • Iodine is also a major booster for the immune system and has anti-carcinogenic (cancer) properties
  • Looking at the ocean quiets the mind and helps reach active meditation states.
  • Even if you don’t work out near an ocean, the air, early morning, is more fresh, less polluted and less warm than during the day.

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