have an “All you can sleep” day





All day long


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Yesterday, I decided to sleep as long and as often as I needed to all day long.

It was a sunny Sunday.

Kids playing with their cousins in the living room, I stayed in my bedroom for a long time.

The morning went fast.  So fast that the first time I looked at the clock, it showed 11:30 AM.

“Still tired. You should go back to sleep”, said my best self to self.

I always listen to my best self so back to sleep I went.

A little while later: “Wakey wakey. Time to take care of me”, said my stomach.

An egg, bread, olive oil and a hot coffee with cream, I felt like resuming my morning where I left it.

Going back to bed with 2 magazines and a book.

Half a magazine later, my cousin joins me, then Duderina comes and we Google hangout with a friend of mine in France.

Curtains closed, my bedroom felt warm, moist, semi-dark, smooth. Like a womb.

From which you can communicate with the outside world but in which you feel totally safe and comfy.

A place in which you have nothing to do but take care of your basic natural needs.

Bond with people around you.

Make yourself a beauty to meet with the outside world.

And just like that, the day went by.


Today, at the coffee place near my summer rental place, here I am, feeling fresh, rested.

And ready for whatever comes on the way.

May luck be with us my friends.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? When we sleep, we help our bodies and minds restore the strenght needed to maintain our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual balance.


I personally rarely get enough sleep but I really wish I could.

I do even worse: in the afternoon, around 5 PM, I sometimes take a coffee to help me stay awake in the evening in order to be able to do things while the kids are asleep.

I know that sometimes with sleep, the problem is falling asleep so I want to share with you one of my sisters’ tips.

She bought a machine that naturally helps her fall asleep and it seems like it’s working.

It’s called the Dodow and here is a link to their video: how will dodow get you to fall asleep.

Let me know how it goes for you.

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