take an outdoor yoga class





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Zero if your sister is the teacher

Yesterday, I took an outdoor yoga class.

It wasn’t a random one: my beautiful sister was teaching, so it was special. The class was fantastic and it also made me realize something that for some reason, feels really good.

I’m older than my sister but she’s taller than I am and she has the same morphology as my mom. I think something went wrong in the chronology: next to her, I sometimes feel like a child, especially since she’s become a mom. I feel like she’s taking care of me more than I’m taking care of her. I don’t know exactly why but I’m feeling grateful for that. Probably because it feels great to be taken care of?

This feeling of being taken care of by someone who really cares is one of the ingredients of a great yoga class: feeling confident, being able to loose yourself, trusting someone, knowing that they’re taking care of you lovingly is important in class. In order to let go and trust your body, you need to trust your teacher. I had 100% of that yesterday.

There was also another special ingredient: the class was outdoor and it felt different than a regular class. Here are a few examples of how:

  • After a posture on your head, when you lie down on the floor and feel you’re starting to float. You open your eyes, you’re a bit dizzy and disoriented, you look at the clear blue sky upon your head and it feels like it’s approaching. You smile, close your eyes again and imagine the sky is a pool in which you dive. The real world becomes an option. And your reality a world in which you can fly, swim and breathe at the same time. In case you’re wondering, I wasn’t on drugs…

  • When you take your final meditation, following the voice of your teacher into this deep meditative stage and she asks you to gently come back to the world. When you open your eyes and you had forgotten you were outside. You see 80% sky, trees, shining swallows. You realize it’s sunset time and the moon is already here, white, quiet. Ready to welcome you to a peaceful evening.

  • When you can’t see yourself in the mirror and it feels great. No temptation to try to make beautiful postures. Just being here, doing what feels right, and following your body. Feeling your pulse and the wind on your skin.

  • When you hear the soothing voice of your teacher and it’s not too loud. It’s not resonating and it mixes with the chirping birds, the wind, people talking, plants being watered. It feels real. You’re connected to your body. And connected to life.

Best way to practice yoga.


PS: if you’re lucky, your sister/brother teaches yoga. It’s great but it has a huge downside: you can’t cheat. There is a posture I hate and I systematically find an excuse to skip it. Unfortunately for me, my sister knows about it. And is behind my back each time I have to do it… Zaza, next time, can you pretend I’m fooling you, please?

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  When you take an outdoor yoga class, you get the benefits of both taking a yoga class and outdoors workout. Plus, not having the mirror to look at yourself feels great. It allows you to focus more on your internal feelings than on the way you look.


I’m sharing with you a few things for a successful outdoor yoga class:  

  • Protect your skin with a good sunblock
  • Bring a hoodie to warm up your body while you’re meditating, your body temperature drops when resting
  • Try to connect with the energy of nature around you
  • If there are external noises, instead of trying to fight againts, try to take them as a challenge to practice your focus. Integrate them as natural noises, like waves at the ocean for example


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