have lunch with a friend





1-2 h



The title of this post is false.

Actually, it’s not false, it’s incomplete. I had lunch with a friend AND this friend is my cousin.

But the spirit is here.  As a consequence, I recommend that you can adapt the title of the present post to whatever works for you: have lunch with a friend, cousin, brother, mother….

Anyone you love and with whom life is easy and fun.

Because this little break at lunch time will make a great change in your afternoon: it will bring a deep breath of fresh air into the remaining of your day.

Fresh air I took while walking from my office to the restaurant where my cousin Rita and I were meeting at.

To be honest, the air was more polluted than fresh but it brought fresh thoughts into my mind.

Being amazed by the work they’re doing in the gardens of the Arab League Park, downtown Casablanca. Being impatient to see the results.

Reminding me this exhibit I used to go to everyday for weeks in 2009 to 2010: the “Earth from Above” by Yann Arthus Bertrand.

Reminding me I want to watch his documentary about my country: Morocco from the Air.

Thinking how great I feel in Casablanca. Sun, palm trees, dirt, unexpectedly meeting a friend in the street, feeling home, at the right place.

Ending up deciding to walk to the small veggie restaurant in Casablanca instead of taking a taxi.

Meeting my cousin there.

Having lunch with an assortment of delightful dishes: mixed salad with beets, lentils, peppers of all colors, zucchinis, eggplants, carrots. Falafel, soja and quinoa burger. Fries and watermelon juice. A lunch at the image of my relationship with Rita: colorful, delightful, well-matched, interesting, fresh, with something new every time.

And ultimately creating a perfect opportunity to make new plans and the perpespective of new memories to come : next time I see Rita, we’re going on a road trip to the South of Morocco. 

Self-care with a friend = more self-care with a friend to come.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Lunch time is a great moment to catch up with friends and get re-energized for the rest of your working day. 


Organizing yesterday’s lunch, I realized something I already know but my agenda keeps reminding me: time flies.

I’ve been in Morocco for 3 weeks and I haven’t seen half the people I want to see. Because I’m here until the end of August, I think I have plenty of time to see everybody more than once: I’m wrong.

I’m sharing this thought because this happens a lot in life for all kinds of things, especially the ones that are not obligations: meeting with a friend, visiting an old aunt, taking a salsa dance class…we’re so busy in our daily life that we constantly postpone things we want to do, things that are important to us but still, things that we don’t HAVE to do.

I think we should all stop doing this and start giving more room to what we want to do instead of what we have to do.

One advice; if there is someone you want to see, stop reading now, call this person and schedule a meeting.

I’m off, my friends, there is someone I want to call 🙂

Love to all and thanks for being here.

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