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A couple months ago, I discovered a powerful documentary, “A quest for meaning”.

While I was watching, I had a revelation: I realized that I was fearing the future.

That my psychological response to the diminution of the planet’s resources, my reply to the unequal distribution of wealth, my answer to a consumerist world and oligarchic regimes was the urge to increase my personal wealth. To create a safer world for me and my family.

But I also realized that by trying to protect my own interests, I was contributing to the problem that created my anxiety.

Then good news came on the way: this modern civilization has reached its limits. Which means a new one is emerging: it could be a better one, more sustainable, more fair; or a worse one, with more inequalities, oligarchy, fear, repression.

Both movements have started. But so far, no winner is identified.

Where is the good news?

We still have the power, as individuals, to influence the movement the future our planet is taking.

Realizing this simple truth totally changed my perspective regarding the future.

Instead of anxiety, I started to feel hope.

Instead of putting my energy in protecting myself by getting richer, I wanted to use it to rally as many people as I could to make the change happen in a direction I endorse.

That’s what yesterday’s act of self-care was about.

Trying to spread ideas that I believe will create a better world through the projection of “A Quest for meaning”, followed by a discussion with the spectators.

My friends, I want to tell you that the results exceeded by far my expectations.

The energy, the thoughts, the questioning, the openness, the receptivity, kindness, compassion, honesty, transparence, authenticity of the people in the room awed me.

We talked about permaculture, progress, chakras, technology, education, about creating community gardens on the roofs of Casablanca buildings, about the real cost of things we’re buying…

I started on the stage, as an animator and I ended up with the public, absorbed by the naturally flowing thoughts spectators were sharing, from as close as I could.

So yes, yesterday, I had much more than I expected.

I realized that our side is much stronger than I thought.

And I got out of there with more energy than I came with.

I guess it’s a good start for making a wind of change stronger.



Maria, dear friend and general manager of l’Uzine, thank you so much for having us and accepting to organize this projection at this unique cultural center. And thank you for all you do for the community. You’re a role model for all of us.

Thank you so much Nargisse for being such a great co-animator. And for doing all the talking while I declared myself out of service. I loved the way you lead the introspection break after the projection.


WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Volunteering for a cause is an excellent way of living the values you believe in. Acting to promote change gives a greater sense of purpose and achievement to our lives. Several studies have shown that people who are involved in their community are happier than those who’re not.


Here is the assumption behind the documentary “A Quest for meaning” I’m promoting as a volunteer in both the US and Morocco:

Western civilization has created a materialistic and mechanistic vision of society.

This vision has disconnected men from nature, body from mind, and denied the mystery and spiritual dimension of life.

It has elected competition as the supreme natural law, has turned avidity into a quality beneficial to business and accumulation of material goods as the aim of our existence. The documentary questions this dogme and offers alternatives to create individual and societal change.

Here is their website if you want to know more: A Quest for meaning

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