try acupuncture





40 minutes


$ 20

I’m blown away.

Yesterday, I went to this acupuncture session like you go to newly opened ice-cream shop. To try exotic flavors and have fun.

It’s not that I don’t believe in acupuncture but I’m surprised at how powerful it is.

It’s hard to explain why but when first I stepped in the doctor’s office, I was a bit skeptical. I expected him to ask me lots of questions about my health and my problems. I expected a full diagnosis and explainations about why my shoulder hurts, why my heel pulses and why my neck is stiff. I had none of these.

His assistant took me to his office where he asked, smiling:

   –   First name. Last name. Age. Phone number. 

   –   Meryem Alaoui. 42. ** ** ** ** **.

   –  What brings you here?

   –   My left shoulder hurts, my left heel pulses and my neck is stiff.

   –   Ok, what else?

   –   I think that’s enough for now (laugh)

   –  (laugh back) Ok, follow me.

That’s it. “Follow me” was my diagnosis. 

Half of me trusted me. The other half was uncomfortable asking and giving the impression that I was questioning his authority; common perturbation of mine AKA the white blouse syndrome. Last time, it cost me a tooth because I wasn’t able to say no to a greedy dentist.

So here I am, following this practitioner who’s taking me to a longitudinal room, where small individual boxes are aligned, opening by curtains on a narrow corridor. Most of them are closed.

In one of the boxes, he asks me to lay down on the table. Touches a few spots on my body. Nods as if he had agreed with something said. I’m silent, of course. Then he takes a couple needles and inserts them here and there.

   –   You ok?

I nod. He adds:

   –   Have some rest now.

While he’s walking through the corridor, I can hear him open the curtain of another box, exchange a couple sentences with a patient who says there is an improvement in her condition. And off he is.

Sorry my friends, but I can’t tell you what happened next. 

I fell sleep. What’s weird is that I could hear some music and background voices on and off but I was dreaming at the same time. 

I don’t know how much time I stayed in this parallel world but at some point, the doctor came back, removed the needles and said: Allah Ichafi (God heals you).

I got out of there, more skeptical than ever, took a picture for my post and went to the desk to pay. The doctor’s assistant:

   –   Come back on Friday. You will have to take 4 or 5 extra sessions.

Even there, I don’t ask what my problem is and why I need so many sessions. Part of me thinks: yeah sure, I need to come back to pay for sessions I don’t need, for an unidentified disease.

I leave. I’m skipping next session, of course.


A couple hours later

I’m at my dad’s place, crashing on the couch.

Mouth open.

Saliva leaking on my cheek.

I want to wake up but I just can’t.

What drug did that?


This morning

I’m with my sister in her office, working on my laptop. She asks:

   –   How was your acupuncture session yesterday? 

   –   If you have insomnia, it sure works 🙂 I slept all afternoon.

   –   What about your heel. Does it still pulse?

   –   Hmmm… yes, it does.

   –   And your shoulder

   –   My shoulder? Oh! My shoulder!

My shoulder felt so normal I had totally forgotten about it.



White-blouse syndrome or not, diagnosis or not, the guys knows what is doing. 


WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Acupuncture is particularly efficient to ease pains that are often chronic, like low-back or neck pain, articulation pains, headaches, or migraines. Try it if you have one of these conditions. My experience showed that it’s great for a good sleep too 🙂


Here is what you need to wear for an acupuncture treatment if you want to give it a try:

  • First, you have to know that most acupuncture points are located on the lower arms and legs, on the back or the abdomen.
  • Wear loose clothes that can be rolled up to allow a better access to the treatment points.
  • Make sure your clothes are comfy: if you sleep during the session, like I did, you want to be at ease.
  • Wear shoes that are easy to take off.

Also, try not to have your session in the morning. Do not schedule post-session activities. You might want to sleep and get rest.

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