take a flamenco class





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Yesterday, I took the first Flamenco class of my life.

You would have never thought so, seeing how professional my outfit looked: a black and long satin skirt with a flounce at the bottom, a polka dot body top, an embroidered silk scarf lovingly embracing my hips, red lipstick and a beautiful white flower on my headband.

I hadn’t planned at all to go dressed like this.

I was initially looking for a pair of wide heel shoes, size 6 when 

3 days ago, I emailed my new clothes dealer and friend, Farida, to ask her about the shoes.

She replied to my email live, the same evening:

   –   I dance Flamenco. I have a whole outfit for you. Come and pick it!

Farida took her mission very seriously. Yesterday, on the upholstered bench of her beautiful wooden and glass dressing room, a selection of clothes was waiting for me.

I was ready to take the shoes and leave when Farida hands me a gorgeous, low-backed and sexier than sexy dress. I can’t resist this beauty.

   –   You know what? You’re right. I should try the outfit.

If it weren’t for Flamenco, I could have stayed in this room for way much longer, trying outfit after outfit, laughing in this light and girly connivance.

The dress? A bit too long. But I like how sexy I feel in it.

The hat with a red flower? My face looks way to masculine with it.

The white skirt? I think the black one is best.

The black and white black polka dots top? Perfect!

I’m hooked. It’s way too fun for me not to take it seriously.

Do you have a headband? I don’t like my hair…

Oh and a red lipstick would be great!


Then I have to leave or I’ll never make it on time.


I’m at l’Uzine, the super dynamic and pop art cultural center that’s hosting the dance class.

A flamenco company is here for a performance and they kindly accepted to create a special event to teach a class.

I thought I’d be way too dressed up.

I’m not. Students took the clothing part very seriously.

Flounces, hats, fine leather shoes.

Men and women indifferently

Like me, a lot of people borrowed stuff from friends.

And all this effort set the tone for the evening.

It said: we’re here, ready, taking this class seriously even from its most unserious aspect. We’re ready to be at our best, playful, joyful and  fun.

My friends, let me tell you that the teacher Samara -a beautiful flamenca with a powerful presence- and her company gave us what we came for.

An intense class, a beautiful choreography, more emotion than we came here for and an incredible energy boost!

A magical moment I wish I had recorded to share with you on video.

Thank you Farida for getting me into the game with the dress up part.

And thank you Maria for organizing such a beautiful event!

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Learning a new skill is empowering. When it’s Flamenco and it’s on your bucket list to become either an amateur Flamenco or a Tango dancer like me, it’s a way to make a first step to doing something you really care for: the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, right?


I haven’t watched the movie Flamenco by Carlos Saura but 2 friends, a great dancer and a musician and singer both highly recommended it. I’ve watched a couple extracts and now it’s the next movie on my list. 

Another movies I recommend and I’ve watched this time is Carmen, by Carlos Saura too. When I was a kid, we had a tape of a powerful movie released in 1983. I watched it over and over. Since then, and even if I don’t understand a word of what they say, flamenco talks to my heart. Sadness, joy, love, anger, and so many emotions are represented…it’s fascinating.

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