take an aerial yoga class





1 h


$20 / $25

My friends, I love aerial yoga: it’s a rare combo of workout, fun and relaxation.

But for this self-care act, I thought you wouldn’t trust my judgment because you know I’m a long time yogi and might think the class is too advanced. 

It’s not.

To convince you because I really want you to try it, I’ve asked some of my classmates to share their impressions with you.

Question: what do you think about aerial yoga?


Sarah: this was my first class. I loved it! it was relaxing, soothing and I feel like I’m on another planet. It was really great! At first, it was a bit scary and it seemed super acrobatic but when I started, it came very naturally. My body naturally followed the moves and found its balance. I’m amazed!

Armelle: today was my first class and I had some apprehensions about it. It was a bit hard but the sensations are fantastic! I feel airy, light. I’m great! I was scared at first but now, I’m totally floating.

Ouafae: I took my first class a year ago and I immediately fell in love with aerial. After that first class, I wanted to go home and hang a hammock to go floating again, and spend my whole life upside down. I love aerial yoga and not just because I can fly. It’s also because the movements and the workout are deep. When you let go, you get so many benefits for your mind and body. So I come here as often as I can.

Entissar : today was my first class and it’s was very hard for me. I wasn’t feeling comfortable being suspended. I was afraid to fall but I guess it’s because It was my first class. I must learn to let go.

Pauline: I loved the class! It was a bit hard but I think an aerial class is a good opportunity to face your apprehensions with more serenity. Let’s not fear our fears! Highly recommended.

My dear friends, I have just one more thing to add:

If you’re in Casablanca Morocco, you want to try my friend Farida’s class. She’s kind, has a gentle and bright energy and knows how to get you in the postures with confidence. Best class ever!

PS: Thank you Lily and Nabil for making Om Yoga such a welcoming place. I feel home at your studio.

PS2: my hammock was a bit too low, hence my head on the floor on the above pic. Farida, you overestimated my experience and my ability to adjust my thing. I’m flattered 😉 

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Aerial yoga is fun, it’s a total workout. Plus, being suspended increases self-confidence and your ability to let go. #Mindbodyselfcare


Aerial yoga is also called fly Yoga. It has many health benefits. Here is what you can expect if you give it a try:

  • Workout and stretch your whole body
  • Work your articulations and your joints
  • Ease back problems and feel lighter: you weight is balanced differently throughout your body and gravity feels less strong
  • Bring a new perspective into your life: in aerial yoga, you see the world from different perspectives. You’re often upside down and you don’t perceive your body as usual. Sometimes, you don’t know where your feet are for example. I believe it’s a great way to learn how to deal with things in a way that’s not usual nor comfortable.
  • You get all other benefits of a regular yoga class: increase your mind/body balance, relax, build strength, improve your flexibility…
  • You increase your self-confidence and your ability to let go: to be able to do the postures, you need to trust your body’s abilities and let it work for you. You’ll be surprised by how much you can handle.

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