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Yesterday, Duderina was outraged that choosing swimming in the pool as the self-care act of the day wasn’t obvious to me:

   –   What? We’re having the first pool party of the year and it might not be your self-care act? Mamma!

Her eyes were round, her mouth open wide and she had the most incredulous look on her face.

When I saw her, I felt so ashamed that I couldn’t confess that I had no intention to swim at the first place.

If you want the whole truth, I initially had.

But then I realized I forgot half of my swimming suit in the US.

So I decided that swimming wasn’t that important.

In case I changed my mind, there was still the option of borrowing a suit from my friend who hosted us.

But when Duderina looked at me with this unforgettable face, I felt old.

Take any kid and tell them there is a pool, sunshine, a water slide and ask them what they want to do.

The question would be nothing but a rhetorical one.

Of course, swim and dive!

What else can we do around a pool?

Well, get some rest, lazily enjoy a sunbath, read a book or a magazine, listen to jazzy music, change your mind and play Bossa Nova instead, take a delicious nap.

And so many other things.

My friends, if you think that’s what I did yesterday, let me tell you that your imagination is way too wild for my ordinary life.

At the pool, I watched the kids when my friend Soun was tired of babysitting, tried to catch up with my friends and finally abandoned the idea of having a whole, uninterrupted conversation.

But I enjoyed the moment, swam a little bit, almost broke the slide and the afternoon was cool.

The coolest thing about this self-care?

I have all summer to improve my pool party skills.

First of them: next time, I’ll make sure to bring someone to help me with the kids (Hubby, if you’re reading this and you’re wondering if I’m talking about you, the answer is yes :)).

Thanks Soun for being such a great auntie and thanks Farida for being such a welcoming and patient host 🙂

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Pool + friends + happy kids + sun = summer is here! And for me, no other word is synonym of happiness, laughter and a warm heart.


I have nothing special to say about pool parties. But I want to share a thought that crossed my mind yesterday.

My friends Farida’s house is gorgeous. The architecture, the materials, the woods, the interior design and the garden, all has been done with the finest taste, elegance and sobriety.

It’s hard to be there and not wanting to live in a house as beautiful as this one.

So this idea naturally crossed my mind. But then, I stepped back and thought about the meaning of happiness.

Does having a gorgeous house make you any happier?

I know the answer is no.

Being blessed with wealth is great and its greater when you can share it with your family and friends but:

it’s not a condition nor a synonym to happiness.

Every person, wealthy or poor, has their problems and learning to accept them is what can make us happier.

So, if ever you’re tempted to want more than you can afford, here is a quick reminder:

Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul. Democritus 

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