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It depends on where you’re from. It was a7 hours flight for me


The most expensive self-care of the year: $725

This self-care is for people who live far away from home. To all my friends who live where they’re from, read this post and enjoy your luck of living where you belong.

Do you remember that back in the days, people used to applaud the pilot for a great landing? 

Today, it’s a bit old fashioned to do so. There are 8.000 to 12.000 planes landing every hour in the world. Getting in a plane is not as fancy as it was. And pilots don’t have the same aura as they used to.

Yet, yesterday, when our plane landed in Casablanca, Morocco, all passengers applauded. Hard. Very hard.

And for the first time in my life, I got that point: sometimes, people in planes applaud because they’re happy. That’s it.

Happy to be on the ground again.

Happy to be safe.

Happy to be home.

That was the case of 90% of the passengers.

All immigrants.

With tired kids.

And, for some, with long layovers behind them.

In the best case scenario, they hadn’t been home since last year.

My friends, I wish I was able to show you people’s faces.

I wish I was able to show you their smiles. Their eyes.

But what I really wish I was able to show you is their hearts.

Filled with a rare sensation.

An exploding joy that no physical body can hide.

A tickling down the throat that only a laughter can ease.

Tearing eyes.

And the impossibility to hold everything inside.

That’s when hands joined the game and clapped: to let the joy fly like a bird, out of a body that’s too small to hold it.


Dear pilot, I’m sorry but yesterday I wasn’t clapping for you.

My body was just too small to keep everything inside.


My dear friends, today I’m happy to ask you a question I’ve wanted to ask you for so long: are you ready for some Moroccan Self-Care ;)?


There’s no place like home.

There’s no place like home.

There’s ni place like home.

Frank Baum

Emotionally, home is where the understanding of what’s around is natural, smooth. There is no effort to make to fit it and this feeling alone is super relaxing. Not to mention that if you’re family is there, then what fills your heart is there.


My hometown is Casablanca and I found this 5 min video you might like about the city.

It’s just a small intro and just the beginning, because you’re going to live home with me everyday.

Here is New York Times 36 hours in Casablanca, Morocco,

Enjoy dear friends!

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