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Yesterday, after waiting for days for a window to go for a hike with my friend Amanda, we finally had the weather that allowed us to go on a mini-hike.

The trail was beautiful: we walked along a river, we saw a buck, birds, so many different trees I can’t name them all…

But the most interesting thing was the thoughts my friend Amanda shared with me. I want to pay it forward and share them with you. They were very interesting and inspiring.

We were walking when we saw a tree, tall, proud, green, healthy.

I hadn’t noticed but one of its branches, a huge one, was dry, with brown dead leaves, lying on the floor, attached to the tree with a tiny portion of wood.

Amanda looked and said:

   –   Forest is an analogy for life. That’s what I love about         it.

       Look at this tree, for example.

       Look at this branch: almost dead.

       But the tree is standing. It looks healthy.

      If you don’t look closer, you’d never think it has a         whole dead branch attached to it.

       That’s how people are sometimes: they are healthy and happy but they have a part in them that is hurt, that suffers, that’s dead.

       Still, that part doesn’t prevent them from living. They can live a beautiful life with this in them.

       One day, when they realize they’re carrying this burden, they can let go and let the branch fall on the floor.

   –   Do you think the decision to let go is theirs or do you think the elements decide for them?

   –   One or the other. Often a combination of both. Some people are ready to let go, cut the pain off and leave this part of them behind.  Sometimes, a storm comes in their life and the branch has to fall. So, yes, I’d say both.

My friends, I hope you liked my friend Amanda’s words of wisdom.

Amanda, thank you for sharing your knowledge of the area with me and thanks for making this post a super smooth one to write.

As smooth as our hike.

Love to all and if you have a part of you that hurts, don’t worry about it: you will let it go when you’re ready. Or the elements will take care of it for you.

In both cases, no need to worry.

Just hike joyfully on the trail of life and smile.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  When you walk a new trail, your eyes are wide open. You’re attentive and excited. Your brain, your senses are alert and you feel more alive than when you hike a trail you know.


I personally love discovering new trails with someone who knows them, rather than by myself.

I feel much more comfortable doing so. I can let go and be in the moment with more ease and confidence.

Plus, the pleasure is always greater when you share what you see and feel with a mate, isn’t it? 

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